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  • TheBondes Level 1 (0 points)
    I fixed my mic problem. I had a carrier profile set up. I removed it from General/Network, and also clicked under General/Reset/Reset Location Warnings. Reboot, and now people can actually hear me.
    It would have been nice for Apple to reply to this thread. Over a month old and no answer or advice -hmmm.
  • paulcb Level 6 (19,110 points)
    It would have been nice for Apple to reply to this thread. Over a month old and no answer or advice -hmmm.

    This is a user to user tech support forum. Apple moderates but does not participate in an official fashion.
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    I'm having the same problems:
    mic works fine with things like voice memos, but during phone calls, the other person will suddenly not be able to hear me. this problem occurs frequently but inconsistently, since at times, i am able to have hour long conversations without any problems.

    This is a seriously annoying problem, as it renders my phone completely useless in terms of dependability. I know now that maybe 1/3 times that I make/receive a phonecall, it's going to involve alot of frustration and many times of tryign to call each other back trying to get my mic to work again.

    Apple needs to issue a fix for this, fast. I've been on the phoen with customer service all day and they offered to replace my phone with a refurbished one but i'd rather not go a week without a phone.
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    No, it's back to not working again. Thanks for letting me know that this is a user to user forum. I'll take it back to the apple store as soon as I can.
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    I had the same problem...took my iPhone to AT&T...they switched out the SIM card for free...seems to be working much better now. Hope that helps.
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    Hi everyone. I was wondering if everyone wouldn't mind trying this just to see if its the same for all of our phones. I have the exact same issue with my phone and have figured out that if I place my right hand thumb on the lower front right corner of the phone and my index finger on the back of the phone and press fairly hard against the corner of the phone and also press against the back of the phone at the same time I can get the mic to work. To help better explain this you are using your thumb and your index finger to push against each other but have your iphone in the middle and your fingers in those spots. Thanks guys its weird and a pain but I'm interested to know if it works for you or I need to throw the phone against the wall that might get it to work lol :-p
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    it Hardware
    iPhone 4 MIC problem repair solution.
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