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My nearly full 64 GBs iPad is eating up my HD. I have like 200 MBs left! Is there a way to save the backup to an external HD to save it for whenever I need to restore??

If there isn't a way, I have a full Time machine backup, is it OK to delete the backup from iTunes, and if I needed the backup I restore it from Time machine, or I can't??

Please help!

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White MacBook, iPhone 4, 64GB WiFi iPad, Mac OS X (10.6.3)
  • Ian Parkinson Level 6 (10,505 points)
    A backup of the ipad does not actually backup all the content on the iPad.
    For instance it does NOT backup, Music, Video, Photos, Apps, etc, i.e. content that you can load at anytime via iTunes. It does backup iPad settings, App settings, App save files, but these will not be huge. I suspect you need to look for other areas on your computer to save space as it will not be the iPad backup that is causing the problem.
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    I use GoodReader to save HD video files (because I use the videos app for movies), so the apps bar takes about 27 GBs, I don't know if that gets backed up.

    My problem started an hour ago when my HD had about 10GBs free space, when I synced my iPad, it took some time then a message popped out that the back up can't be saved, when I checked my HD, it had about 200 MBs left!

    I don't know the source of the problem, so I assumed its the huge iPad backup, since i had about 10 GBs free??
  • Ian Parkinson Level 6 (10,505 points)
    Yes those files will be the problem as they are App files (files which are associated with an App) which I mentioned will get backed up.

    All I can suggest is that you make more room on your computer as I don't know of any way to store the iPad backup elsewhere.

    You could delete the backup if you are not worried about losing any of the content.
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    I have 53.5 GB available on my iPad and my backup takes 343 MB. Yes you can delete the backup from your computer and restore it later. This article says what is contained in the backup and give you the location of it.
  • Ian Parkinson Level 6 (10,505 points)
    Which article?
  • lllaass Level 10 (176,079 points)
    Repost - I left out Article

    I have 53.5 GB available on my iPad and my backup takes 343 MB. Yes you can delete the backup from your computer and restore it later. This article says what is contained in the backup and give you the location of it.
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    Thank you the article is really helpful. But I don't know how to restore an iPad backup from a time machine back up, it doesn't say how in the time machine article.

    The article shows where the backus are saved on my Mac, can I simply copy the file to the external HD and then delete it from my iTunes perfrences? or will iTunes won't recognize my iPad again if I want to sync (not back up)???
  • rccharles Level 5 (7,598 points)
    To see where the space is going on your Mac harddrive...

    "The simple, fast way to save disk space"
    OmniDiskSweeper is now free!

    This will give you a list of files and folders sorted by size. Go after things you know that are big.

  • Graham Outterside Level 4 (2,910 points)
    Hotsouma wrote:

    I have like 200 MBs left!

    If you have only 200Mb left, you need a new hard disc anyway for pretty much any reason you can think of.
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    Backups can't be moved to another location or hard drive. It needs to stay on the startup hard drive. Backups can be quite large, mine is over 30 gigs.

    If you have only 200 MBs on your startup hard drive you need to transfer some of the data off that drive. There is rule of thumb of how much you should fill a startup disk too... 80 to 90% of capacity. You have to remember the OS needs hard drive space to write files too, same with programs. Leaving not enough space and the hard drive can freeze. And the worst, failure. This happen to me a longtime ago...
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    With Finder open on your computer, Create a new file on your Time Capsule to store the data. Open iTunes. From the Edit menu choose Select All. Then just drag to files to your Time Capsule. It's pretty easy to do.

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    You can also download the File Browser App from the App Store (4.99) then you can access the files remotely from the Time Capsule. This App also let's you access photos, videos and docs from Time Capsule to play on your iPad or iPhone.

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