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We have two iPhones (both 3G). Sync'd my wifes phone and updated the softhware, lost all her music. Sync'd my phone, attempted to update and lost everything. When I attempt to restore my phone, my only two options are both her name!!! What is the deal? I have done this in the past and never had this much trouble! Please help ! I have lost everything, contacts, photos, music.......

iPhone 3G, Windows XP
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    I have lost everything, contacts, photos, music.......

    You mean it's all gone off your computer as well as your phone? If so, you'll just have to restore from your most recent computer backup and re-sync.
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    when I attempted to restore my phone, my name was not an option from the drop dpwn list. The only option was her name. I am sure that I sync'd my phone before the restore. Where would it be on my computer. I dont enter things into any address book. I only enter contacts using the phone.
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    " I dont enter things into any address book. I only enter contacts using the phone."

    That is a terrible idea. The iphone is designed to be regularly synced to you computer. You are finding out exactly why that is now.

    Music and itunes content are not included in the backup.
    Here is info on backups:


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    My computer sync'd to the iphone and mobileme and I lost all my contacts in the address book on my computer and all the group information from the iphone. Next sync, I lost all the contact detail on the iphone. Gave up and bought "groups" figuring that Apple will fix the issue sooner or later. Big mistake, at the next sync it duplicated all the entries in "Groups" Fortunately I hadn't sync'd my macbook pro, so I exported contacts and reinstalled them. I spoke with Apple and they weren't aware of any problems with the Address book or sync. Still having the same problem, so I've turned off the update feature on the iphone. Additionally when my Imac tries to sync it warns me that it will delete all my contacts on my mac, despite having set the imac as the main source. Beats me! any thoughts