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I have searched for a solution to this task with no avail. When I download Acrobat files from the Internet the publisher provides them with names that read like this: as4jq-671.PDF

In iBooks I want to rename the Acrobat file to a name that is more familiar to me. Is there any way to do this - in iBooks or any other app?

iPad, iOS 4
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    GoodReader allows to rename PDFs. I don't think that iBooks allows you to rename, only to delete.
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    Much thanks! I'm off to the app store.
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    Sync your iPad with computer by using iTune. Copy all files from purchases, library and recently added folder which you want to rename. Paste them in one new folder on computer. Rename as you want. Then remove those files from related folders in iPad as Purchases, library and recently added. Sync and confirm whether removed or not. Add renamed PDF files in library like music files. You can see them in iBook list. Then Sync again. You will get files you renamed in iBook application.

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    Goodreader ROCKS! Thanks for the tip.
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    We've noticed that this happens only for PDF's. We use Docs To Go and bring down Word and Excel docs and it retains the names of the files. Anyone have any clue as to why we have to rename PDF's?
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    The lack of ability to rename a PDF or other file in iBooks is a HUGE drawback of the application. If you have several downloads how do you identify the one you want in a hurry.  I initially downloaded the "Quickoffice Pro HD" and you do have the option to change the file name.   When I saw iBooks, I transferred my files there as it is an Apple App.  Once I found out there was no way to change the name of future PDFs I abandoned iBooks and resorted back to Quickoffice which I was happy with in the first place.   iBooks needs to make the option to change the file name if they want people to use it.  Forget the 'connect to the computer, transfer to iTunes, change the name and transfer back ti iPad!  Not going to happen"

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    In order to rename a PDF or other file in iBooks, go to the top right hand corner of the PDFs or Books where it has the 4 white boxes, 3 white lines, and "Edit".


    Click on the 3 White lines box, click edit, then just click on the name of the PDF or Book to change the name to your liking.


    Hope this helps.

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    You do realize just how old this thread is, right (July 2011)? At the time is was last active, that functionality didn't exist. I suspect the OP is long gone by now.