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    I think the issue in all mac book pros is the same. The fans just kick in too slow. Your gpu usage spikes the temps and when the fans kick in is just a little too late. So the first spike and your board fryed already. Also I think the issue is the constant shut off turn on that a note book goes through. Think about the stress on the sub micron structure when you constantly expand and contract. All this just to save battery life and bs users into thinking that their battery is the best in notebook market 8 hours. Eight hours my but. The mac battery lasts just as long as any notebook. Turn off all the hocus pocus and your battery is dead in 2.5 hours. Also I think the fix is to turn off all sleep mode as long as your mac book is fairly new and undamaged by the constant strain of expantion contraction. You just have it on all the time and just have 2 hour battery life. Otherwise you end up with a failing logic board. I think the micro sottering cannot take the stress of constant contraction and expantion of the on and off nature that the stupid battery life savings contribute to. It probably severs the connections. When it heats up and expands the connection reestablishes. Maybe this is why it is so hard to diagnose too. You run a stress test and it heats up expands the connection reestablishes and all is well and the mac genious tells you that nothing is wrong and makes you look like an ***. Recall should be an order. Also I would not buy another laptop till i am sure some sort of solusion has been invented like an elastic or streatchy mettal soter that can take the expantion and contraction or shrink that does not generate so much heat. Maybe 14 nano will fix the temp problem. Wait and see.

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    I personally own a 17MBP that had these issues, and have worked with other MBs and MBPs.


    I personally became very frustrated with Apple's - and related IT solution providers' - responses, ranging from "it's time to upgrade" to the "Genius" "support" of "it's this, . . . no, now it's this, . . . it's not covered - your cost will be (something insane we think we can get away with because you're hurting). . . " attitude.


    I have a work history that involves IT and Mechatronics, including cross-platform engineering along with being a User, and challenged myself to do better rather than waiting for whomever to provide realistically affordable solutions.


    There are a lot of people out there who've put out some really great ideas.


    I believe the root causes include fundamental engineering challenges that are a wobbling balance of a work in progress finding a working compromise between a uniquely-marketable/chic revenue-generating form and everyday effective function.


    How does one fuse a Ferrari with a Land Rover?


    A lot of solutions I've researched make reference to or involve "Baking."


    However, in going through my own "resurrections" featuring "Bake Your Book" parties, I realized that this is just part of a better solution.


    For one thing, the baking process can be scary, dangerous, and destructive.


    While I can see "using the paddles" to revive a "Patient," I know that a "healthy lifestyle" is paramount to reduce reoccurrence.


    That 'lifestyle" (for me) involves addressing the fundamental issues of heat, heat transfer, ventilation, quality hardware components, environmental vectors, and preventative maintenance.


    So far, "Life Is Good" for those "Patients" and their "Families," - including leveraging these "teachable opportunities" into viable, functional backup processes.


    My primary goal with today's Reply is to validate that there can be other, better, options - that sucked away a whole lot less in fiscal resources.


    I don't know how to describe the joy and excitement of seeing a formerly black screen presenting the Desktop with the "Your clock is set to a time before . . . . " message.


    Good Luck - Keeping The (Positive) Faith works.

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    I have a mid 2009 MacBook Pro (3.06ghz, 4gb RAM)


    Logic board failed 2 and a half years into the 3 year applecare. It was fixed by Apple - at their cost.


    That time it was noise (processor chatter) coming from the audio out - which greatly effected my work in music hence me needing to get it sorted.


    I am now experiencing the symptoms of Logic Board failure that others have described here. Computer wont start. When asked too, it whirs, and the front sleep light stays on. I thought it was due to my battery being completely knackered, but am starting to realise that this will be the second Logic Board failure for my laptop in a year.


    I am waiting for an applecare call now, and am booked into the Applestore for Tuesday - but i am not going to hold my breath on either - have a feeling that it will be a costly repair - or guess what! Buy a new Apple...

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    I wish you the best on your talk at the Apple Store...but I have a question.


    Your unit with the logic board problems was 15" or 17", right? (No, I'm not a mind-reader.)



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    Another one bites the dust, I won't add to the tails of wo as I know if you're reading this.... Mine was in perfect condition, never dropped, and yet....


    A1278 Macbook pro 13.3 Early 2012 i5 logic board failure?  Approx 1.5yrs old


    1) Macbook failed with no battery life showing and no power going in when magsafe plugged in

    2) Friend took in for me & they said it was a logic board failure and presented the £400+ bill

    3) I went in and they conceded to have a better look at it - gave it back working a day later!?

    4) Took it home and it's dead again


    This is wasting so much of my time now that I'm going to have a look myself.


    Here's the other tail of warning:

    They would have honoured the 1979 bill of sales act if it were not for the fact that my reseller (HugoSales) turned out to be a tax dodger from Florida. So to follow this through ebay in small claims would be a nightmare/non-starter.

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    Another one bites the dust, I won't add to the tails of wo as I know if you're reading this.... Mine was in perfect condition, never dropped, and yet....


    A1278 Macbook pro 13.3 Early 2012 i5 logic board failure?  Approx 1.5yrs old


    1) Macbook failed with no battery life showing and no power going in when magsafe plugged in

    2) Friend took in for me & they said it was a logic board failure and presented the £400+ bill

    3) I went in and they conceded to have a better look at it - gave it back working a day later!?

    4) Took it home and it's dead again


    This is wasting so much of my time now that I'm going to have a look myself.


    Here's the other tail of warning:

    They would have honoured the 1979 bill of sales act if it were not for the fact that my reseller (HugoSales) turned out to be a tax dodger from Florida. So to follow this through ebay in small claims would be a nightmare/non-starter.

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    Perhaps I’ll add my story to the chain as I am one of the ex-loyal Apple customers who got burned by the 2008 Mac Book Pro 17”.


    Sometime in the 2010 or there bout I started having issues with my MacBook and placed a few calls to customer service at Apple. I experienced weird video issues and saw that other users were having similar issues based on the Apple’s own forum. I was told several times that this is not a hardware issue but rather video card driver and hopefully an updated BIOS or driver issue is forthcoming. Well, the problem was on and off and my laptop was out of warranty. So, I had to live with it, until this summer when the video went out altogether.


    I happen to stumble on the Apple’s article about the apparently well know issues with these units and that Apple will be repairing them free, till 12/2012! I saw this after my Mac died and no one at Apple contacted me with a clearly known issue that should have been a recall at the very least.


    Today I spoke with a very nice gentleman, John Barr, who referred to himself as Senior Advisor, and was told that there will be no extension on the program and that if I wanted to get the unit fixed it would come out of my own pocket. I tried to explain to him that had I known of the deadline or that it was even available I would have done this long ago. He would not say anything other than – sorry; I do not have any record of you calling and am not flexible on this issue.


    I am very happy to have been a customer of Apple, having owned 2 MacBook Pro’s , numerous iPhones and iPods, Apple desktops,… basically a ton of Apple hardware. That was in the past. I will NEVER again own or gift anything that has that Apple logo. This level of customer disservice has finally hit home. I’ve complained about this problem for years and on a defective unit that was clearly known to Apple to not receive the necessary service is a disgrace for such a “customer friendly” company. I may have a small voice, but I will use it frequently and as loudly as I can. Goodbye Apple.

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    I'm completely sympthetic to your experience. That said, you may have options. Some have had success after contacting higher-level Apple management; you'll have less luck with someone at the Genius Bar. This may take some time, but persistence will improve your chances.


    In the meantime, read this carefully, including the links. There are some options here that you may not have considered:


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    dissapointing thig happend to  macbook pro 2010 13 inch. some day it got shutdown i went to AASP they  told me it was logic board failure and quoted me for price of $410.  which is approx half the price of new macbookpro i bought it in 2011 its  just 2 years how could a world class machine like this could fail in  just 2 years . why these replacement costs are too much expensive. why  dont they take failure logic board which is not physically damaged and  provide new one for somewat low price. they could refurbish it. they  could know what is exact problem is and they could rectify it.. also it wil  cost them few bucks only. why apple is not concentrating on this issue  intead of conducting wwdc meets and releasing  new macbookpro's /air,


    very  frustating thing is apple care costs aroung $300. this is like direct  responce from apple saying pay us 40% of macbook price again or other  wise your macbook will fail after one year. and in some countries like  india they don't have apple shops they are just giving buying  permissions to  AASP. these guys just rip you wallet even for a small  issue. even we pay $410 for new logic board they dont give warranty more  than 90 days. even after you buy new logic board there are so many  complaints regarding new logic board failure after 90 days of limited  warranty. i dont know why is not focusing on this major issue. they are  just screwing 2009,2010,2011 macbookpro buyers.  come on guys lets make  this issue major so apple could implement some programs regarding logic  board repairs am not asking apple to replace logic board's for free. am  just asking them to implement some programs about "REPARING LOGICBOARDS  WHICH ARE NOT PHYSICALLY DAMAGED BY CUSTOMER" which costs low price than  buying a new logic boards to previous macbook users. i think apple  should concentrate on this major issue

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    Ok, so here is a story that i hope will benefit some. I am based in the UK, and that is relevant, but it is still an impressive story, in my opinion.


    I have a late 2009 MacBook Pro that i bought directly from Apple.


    2 and a half years in, Logic Board failed. (covered by Apple Care, so they fixed it)


    1 year later, Logic Board failed again. (note the laptop is no longer covered by Apple Care)


    Went into the AppleStore in Belfast, and they diagnosed what i thought. They also informed me of Consumer Law 2002, which states that all hardware must last 6 (six!!!) years, as long as there are no signs of user misuse.


    They took the laptop in, replaced the Logic Board, replaced the Screen AND replaced the Battery. A cost of repair that was quited at 916 GBP


    I picked it up today, signed a Consumer Law claim in store, and paid a total of 0 GBP.


    Mightily impressed, as in this day and age there would not be many companies that would uphold their side of the purchase agreement with such minimum effort on my part.


    Also goes a long way in replying to a lot of the negativity surrounding this Logic Board failure issue that i have read on these boards, and elsewhere. 

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    Since my mid-2012 Macbook Pro 15" Retina has just been sent back to Apple for a logic board replacement, I figured I'd add my information as a point of reference.


    Background and usage:

    This is my personal laptop, but I also use it a lot for work (sysadmin).  I do a lot of "heavy" work on it - virtualization, Adobe Creative Cloud apps, rendering/encoding/streaming video, etc.  Never had any problems until about a week and a half ago.


    Issues encountered:

    Loaded up a 1080p movie and tried to AirPlay it - much stuttering, then a hard freeze.  Restarted, closed all other apps, tried again, same result.  Restarted, then attempted to play the movie via HDMI cable from MBP -> TV.  Immediate hard freeze on connecting HDMI cable.  At this point the only way I could get it to boot was via Safe Mode (shift + power on).  All of this pointed strongly towards a GPU issue, including the fact that Safe Mode bypasses the problem by disabling hardware graphics acceleration.



    I'm a sysadmin and I really didn't want to give up my computer, so I went with the "nuke it from orbit" approach to rule out software issues.  First step: TM backup of existing setup to external HD.  Mavericks had just dropped, so I downloaded it, wrote the installer to a USB key, then used Disk Utility on the installer to reformat the laptop hard drive and did a Clean Install of Mavericks.


    As suspected, I still had the same issue.  I ran Internet Repair through Mavericks (D + power on) with all extended tests, but it passed all of them.  Obviously there was a problem though, so there had to be evidence of it somewhere.  I booted into Safe Mode again and enable SSH Remote Login.  I then restarted the computer normally, and it failed as usual (stuck on grey screen with Apple logo, or stuck on unresponsive login screen).


    Despite the GUI being frozen and useless, most parts of the system were up and functioning so I was able to SSH in and look at the logs, which showed clear evidence of GPU issues.


    Executing "$ sudo dmesg > log-01.txt" gave me a boot log that ended in this error over and over again:


    NVDA(OpenGL): Channel exception! Exception type = 0x8 DMA Engine Error (FIFO Error 8)


    The kernel panic log gave the following source:


    panic(cpu 2 caller 0xffffff7fac6bffac): "GPU Panic: [] 3 3 5f 1d 0 8 0 3 : NVRM[0/1:0:0]: Read Error 0x006100c0: CFG 0x0fd510de 0x00100406 0xc0000000, BAR0 0x102c00000 0xffffff8201cd2000 0x0e7150a2, D0, P2/4\n"@/SourceCache/AppleGraphicsControl/AppleGraphicsControl-3.4.12/src/AppleMuxControl/kext/GPUPanic.cpp:127

    Backtrace (CPU 2), Frame : Return Address 0xffffff81fe92bb30 : 0xffffff802a622f69  0xffffff81fe92bbb0 : 0xffffff7fac6bffac  0xffffff81fe92bc80 : 0xffffff7fab095cf8  0xffffff81fe92bd40 : 0xffffff7fab162e26  0xffffff81fe92bd80 : 0xffffff7fab32863d  0xffffff81fe92bd90 : 0xffffff7fab136b04  0xffffff81fe92bdb0 : 0xffffff7fab1db6e2  0xffffff81fe92be30 : 0xffffff7fab07df20  0xffffff81fe92bef0 : 0xffffff7fab04aa1c  0xffffff81fe92bf20 : 0xffffff802a64a15a  0xffffff81fe92bfb0 : 0xffffff802a6d6aa7       

         Kernel Extensions in backtrace:          [A4934A66-0E30-36E9-984A-650481102449]@0xffffff7fac6b2000->0xffffff7fac6c4fff














    BSD process name corresponding to current thread: kernel_task


    Mac OS version: 13A603



    Obviously I can't fix a graphics hw issue when the component is integrated into the logic board, so I made an appointment at the Apple Store.  They had to run their own diagnostics on it to check it in (passed, BTW), but I had provided enough evidence of a problem that they didn't give me any static, declared a logic board replacement necessary, and sent it off to Apple.  Laptop is currently covered by AppleCare so it will be a warranty repair.  I should have it back by the end of next week.


    NB: The ability to boot into Safe Mode allows you to change passwords and delete any sensitive data from the machine before you send it back to Apple, if you like.


    Hope this info helps someone - being without your computer is a PITA.

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    Hi folks -


    I have a 2010 15" MBP that just started having the GPU issues, diagnosed as such at the Genius Bar.  Since I purchased in May 2010, I'm 5 months over the extension program deadline.  I called Apple and they were unwilling to make an exception (if I was 45 days closer to the deadline, they could have done).  So I thought I was resigned to paying at least the $310 flat rate repair fee. 


    Then the light dawned - I bought this with an American Express card.  AmEx will extend the warranty on stuff you buy with their cards, adding a year to the original manufacturer's warranty.  This includes a year past the end of AppleCare.  I have initiated the repair through AmEx and they will credit my account for the full cost, either flat-rate or in-store. 


    So, the takeaway here is to check and see if you purchased your machine with a card that extends your warranty!

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    Wow 72 pages of this...nice job Apple. Mine died yesterday, it was a very late 2008 model but my wife left it at her families house overseas for 2 years so (in a case in the closet) i only got about 2 years of use out of it...Oh, and in those 2 years it fried 2 batteries too  The thing ran so hot it melted the plastic on a desk i had.

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    Let me add my story to the thread. My 2009 MBP just stopped working. I brought it to the Genius Bar and the "Genius" told me sometimes this just happens. When I spoke to the California customer service they reaffirmed the "Genius'" statement and told me because my computer was so far out of warranty they would not pay for the repair. The customer service rep agreed I should expect my computer to last more than 4 years and just kept talking about the length of time out of warranty. Although I kept steering the conversation back to the defective parts, lack of merchantability of the machine and Apple's unwillingness to stand behind their products she just reiterated the warranty period. This is my last Apple product.

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    My retina pro 15' Oct5 2013 purchased top end rMBP sound died in 3 weeks time and apple care told me the Logic Board has gone bad and they get a lot of those defects in the latest retina's builds including display burnin , checked mine and it has a LP Panel(those LG panels), Basically asked me to get the Logic board replaced and wait for the display to die out and hope it does die out  while my warranty applies . A very costly mistake 

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