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    I have a 15 inch early 2011 mbp. The logic board failed in the forst year and had it replaced free under warranty. It was at that time I realized I actually board applecare, something that I forgot I had done.


    This board worked well for the following year and failed at the end of Jan this year. Because I still had applecare, I had it replaced without cost. The replacement of it took two weeks compared to the three days during the first round.


    Two months later, my mbp suffered from blue screen again, the same symptom as the previous times. The logic board spoilt within two months. I still have applecare and the warranty ends on 20th April, which is tomorrow.


    I discussed this issue with my friend that had the same batch of mbp and had her logicboard replaced twice and when it spoilt the third time they replaced the entire machine for free because it was still within the three years of applecare.


    As this was the exact same issue, I brought it up to the service provider when I brought in my mbp and asked if it was possible to get a replacement of the machine seeing that the logicboard has failed for the third time. The guy simply laughed it off and said no. So I tried tried to clarify with them that apple don't offer 1 to 1 replacement if the same issue occurs for the third time. The guy's expression changed immediately and he said that he ia unsure of the guidelines they have and I could ask apple myself (even though they are the authorized service provider).


    I got in touch with apple by calling the hotline and after some waiting time and some details, the staff told me that the authorized service providers have their own rules etc and I should ask them about it and apple would be very glad to help me if they could in any way.


    So with them pushing the problem to each other, I realized that I have no solution to it and most likely will just be getting a replacement of the logicboard with the fear of it spoiling again within two months, this time without warranty.


    The mbp with three failed logicboard under applecare shouldn't get a 1 to 1 replacement at all? I'm very worried that it'll spoil again with a failed logicboard within months after they replace it this time round.


    Has anyone encounter this issue before? May I please get some advice on this?

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    I Not sure about authorized service providers, when mine fails I called apple care and they sent a box etc.. Same issue replaced board, got it back three days later worse than before , called sent it back they replaced the logic board, memory, hard drive, got it back 4 days later still harped the problem sent it back so they could replace the display, not sure why, so they replaced the logic board and key lad , got it back over a week later turned it on, and it went blue , I video taped the whole thing from opening the box to power on, so I had proof. Called them back and then after some discussion they authorized a replacement, supposedly you need to have the SAME failure and they get 3 chances to repair before they will swap it out. But the new logic board they put in comes with a 90 day warranty. In the end my 2011 15 MBP with 750gb HD got replaced with a 2013 Maxed out MBP. I hope they work with you on this , it was aggravating but they do have to follow their procedures first. Other wise they would be swapping 3 year old machines for 3k machines and hemmorage money.

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    Mine has the same blue screen logicboard failure for the third time this round.


    I was wondering how the procedure work for it when I was told by my friend that she got hers replaced after her third logicboard failure.


    Hence I asked both the shop and apple and they both told me that they each have their own guidelines and I should consult them for it. So now I'm stuck at square one and I don't want to have a logicboard that will fail again so quickly with no more warranty.


    Apple told me if the logicboard fails again within a few months after the repair, I can try to call apple again but it may not be free. That was what I'm frustrated about. Same issue for three times but dealt like this is the first time spoiling within three years of warranty while I've seen and been told that a replacement is possible but they don't even seem to consider it and brushed it off as a regular repair.

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    I recently had Apple replace my 2011 15 inch MBP with a brand new late 2013 rMBP 15 inch.


    I was actually out of warranty since I did not extend my Applecare for years 2 and 3. Back in February, I got the blue screen logicboard failure for the first time. I thought it was a virus at first, so I brought it to the Apple store for them to take a look at it. They weren't sure if it was the logicboard or the lcd screen. They said since it was out of warranty they would offer a flat rate repair, which they send to a depot in Memphis, TN (The depot is actually an authorized Apple seller. I looked up the address on my repair form haha). The store manager decided to waive the repair fee since I actually brought my MBP to the store back in 2011 and complained of excessive heat where the CPU sits. It was documented in there, but according to their basic diagnostic tests, the internal temperatures were fine, so they did not take any action and sent me on my way home. The manager said the problem could/should have been rectified back then. (With a repair, you're given a 90 day warranty)


    So I got my MBP back a week later. Now there was a problem with the fans. If I opened up youtube or any video streaming on any browser, the fans would run close to 7000rpm. At first it didn't bother me since I have my earphones in all the time, but after a while, I wanted to throw my MBP out the window. I took some screenshots showing that my fans were running at 7000rpm with very low normal temperatures according to iStat. With this evidence, I brought my MBP into the Apple Store once again. The woman at the genius bar who was assisting me, ran her basic diagnostic tests, and said internal temperatures are fine. I pulled up my screenshots to show her that I documented the problem. She told me that she can't look at 3rd party applications. So she said there was nothing they could do.


    A week later, the same problem was still happening. So I brought back my MBP to the Apple Store. I told the person helping me what was happening, and this person this time, looked at my iStat screenshots. She determined there was a problem after running a cooling test. She also said that they could run an extended diagnostic test overnight if the cooling test came back fine. They said the fans needed to be replaced, but after they replaced the fans, the same problem still persisted. So they told me they would have to replace the logicboard and send it into the depot again, free of charge since it was still under the 90 day repair warranty.


    When I went to pickup my MBP a few days later, I decided to talk to the store manager. (A friend of mine works at the flagship Apple Store in NYC. She told me to tell the store manager about my experience with the one genius bar rep who sent me home when there was actually a problem with my MBP, because that was unacceptable. She said that the store managers really appreciate the feedback.) After talking to him, he gave me his business card and told me if any additional problems persists to contact him. Well a new problem appeared. Anytime I had my MBP in sleep and woke it up. The fans would run at 5000rpm anywhere between a few seconds to a minute. It did not sound healthy at all. So I decided to bring it back to the Apple store.


    The genius bar rep noticed the problem and said that the logicboard would have to be replaced. I asked him if the manager was in the store at the time, since I was told to let him know if I had another problem. The store manager came out and said that the rep told him the problem, and instead of having the logicboard replaced again, he would just give me a brand to MBP. Of course I took him up on it.


    I think the key is to be friendly and not demanding. Explain to them that it's a real inconvenience, and how it's affected you. I'm a graduate student, so not having my MBP for a period of time does become problematic. These guys are more than understanding. I did speak to an AppleCare Manager over the phone before bringing in my MBP into the store for the 3rd time. He said that they follow a pretty strict protocol for a request for replacement MBP to be submitted. He told me that if he submitted my request based on the work done on my MBP at the moment that it would most likely be rejected. He said that on paper, all it shows is I am out of warranty and there's only been 2 repairs done on my MBP. There wasn't enough body of work to warrant a replacement. He said that the Apple Store managers have more flexibility when it comes to replacements since they physically deal with customers, so they can see the emotional stress and repair experience when consulting with a customer.


    Hopefully this helps you. Is there a reason why you bring your MBP to a shop instead of the Apple store? I imagine it's because there isn't an Apple store in a close distance to you?

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    Wow! I did not know about this problem --my 15' macbook pro (late 2011)  just had it's logic board and memory replaced -- under AppleCare it was free. I was without it for 4 1/2 days, which was problem, since I use it for work, school, etc.

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    My early 2008 MPB 15" 4,1 has had it logic board replace 4 times. Last time was about 8 months ago and now this one is going bad also. Is too bad because I really like the older AL MBP as opposed to the ones with the black chicklet keys.

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    I had to replace the motherboard of my macbook pro (15” early 2011) TWO times since I bought it what does mean THREE mother boards in Three years.


    First one was under warranty but I've to pay again for the latest motherboard. I’ve been told from apple literally “computers have limited life”. OK but one year per motherboard is far from a quality product. Sorry.


    I've been at the phone for hours talking with AppleCare staff (very kind and assertive people that “really feels my pain” but provide me with no solution at all)




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    I have the same problem. My logicboard failed on my late 2011 Mbp and the price of repair is About $900. I was a long time PC user and this is my first Mac and possibly my last as I'm very dissapointed that after such a short period of time that I need such a costly repair. I could buy a brand new windows machine for the price of this repair. After this I don't think I can recommend Mac to anyone.

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    I get same problem here.

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    Thanks for the information.

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    Well here is my story in relation to this board issue...


    This is taken from my questionare response to apple store in Belfast UK



    My visit to this store was based on my issue with my mac book pro having problems freezing and with rebooting getting grey screen on startup. I assumed it was hard drive issue when looking on internet for similar symptoms.


    My first visit was very satisfying with dealing with Noel who I have no issue whatsoever as he in my opinion is the perfect customer facing representative within this store.


    Noel also thought Tis was a hard drive issue on the day I dropped the computer in. He said they would take standard 5-7 days to sort but did state that it would prob get sorted next day and they would call when sorted.


    I waited and waited and after 6 days I called to find out from a guy called Michael (I think that was his name) that the issue was not resolved and they were still working on it.. They would try something else and would call in afternoon. I did not receive this call and contacted again in morning... This is where my real issues are with this store (beside the lack of common sense to call a customer if a diagnosed issue was not straight forward).


    When I spoke to him the second time I was then told this was a logic board issue and not the hard drive (how this took 5-7 days to diagnose is beyond me, but I suspect that when I called they hadn't even looked at the issue and only looked again as I called to wonder where it was)


    I was quoted £300 to replace with new logic board and when I said the computer was only just two years old I was greeted with the following comment ....

    "Well lap top life spans are only between two to four years"


    I was shocked at this comment and asked if it was replaced would this solve issue and if it happened again within one year would I be liable to pay another £300.... He said the part would be covered by 90 days only.


    I said I would think about this and call back within a few days (I unlike the store honoured this statement)


    I called back to say I would collect the product.

    I then waited 1/2 hour to collect when I called (I could write more about this visit but my finger could not be bothered typing)


    Now to my overall points:

    1) as you can see by my link at the start this issue is NOT a one off issue. In fact it really does look like a apple defective board and in my opinion should be covered free if charge... Given the fact the computer is two years old I can empathise with not doing this and after all I do not have apple care.


    2) when purchasing new lap tops is it the apple store policy to inform customers that it will only last two to four years???? I suggest they don't as they might not ever sell any!!!


    3) after investigation it is clear that the issue can be resolved by a number of companies to fix the apple defective board for a cost of £20 diagnostic and £130 sorting the defective area on the board... This is what I shall be doing


    3) customer service... This means to serve the customer and not be "prompt dependant" so inform status of an issue please if incorrectly diagnosed even a quick message to say problem is more serious and could take longer (seriously how difficult is this to do???)


    You can reach me directly (if you wish to discuss further) but I doubt this will happen.




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    I forgot to mention that I will get my original board sorted and fixed for £130 by a professional

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    I'll point out that this is a user forum, manned by volunteers.


    No-one from here can do anything or will contact you.

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    Well, Apple workers are not forbidden to visit/answer to this forum either.

  • Csound1 Level 8 (46,335 points)

    How would you know that?


    Please post a link to where that can be verified.

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