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  • jose darimatea Level 1 (0 points)

    hey only to report that the logic board of my MBP is broken too, and is too expensive . Is better buy another computer,

    Im not shure on buying a MBP again. apple stuff its looking like plastic toys that works 3 to 4 years and then you have to buy another. I bought mine in summer in 2008 and 3 and a half years later this happens. really,

    apple quality is getting worse and worse, im dissapointed


    my dad has a sony vaio like 10 years ago and is still working




    sorry if my english is not too good

  • barboursam Level 1 (0 points)

    I took the mac bac to the shop and swapped it for a windows laptop. Has the led screen, backlit keyboard, hd camera, 8gb ram, 1tb harddrive, i7 processer, 3gb graphics card. 19 inch screen. far better in every way than the mac, more reliable, same price. now why would you have a macbook over this?

  • natere2 Level 1 (5 points)

    Hey I want some parts for mine if interested will you sell me your broken MBP?
    thanks and sorry for the solicitation.



  • natere2 Level 1 (5 points)

    casue PCs are not Macs LOL

  • barboursam Level 1 (0 points)

    sorry, they took it back in exchange for the new laptop. I can apprieciate why people might like mac, but it think its all to do with the operating system, and i could easily get that for my new laptop

  • bbrinkert Level 1 (0 points)

    Same issues with my computer, and have had no luck finding any sort of reasonable solution or compromise with Apple.  Next step will be to call customer relations at Apple's HQ's.


    Have a MacBook Pro purchased in August of 2008, with the faulty NVidia GPU.  After first visit to Genius Bar the other day, was told my Logic Board had failed and that I would need to spent $310 to replace.  Thought it was ridiculous that Logic Board would fail less than 3.5 years from date of purchase, so went home, did some research, and found this thread.  Armed with this knowledge, went back to different Genius Bar this morning, hoping for different results.


    Instead a Genius Bar Tech had audacity to tell me that it the diagnostic that's apparently used to determine the problem: (a) works and he can run the diagnostic, despite fact that my computer won't boot up; (b) and further, that the test revealed that my LogicBoard failure was not due to the GPU.  I asked him if he really expected me to believe that the test could be run even when my computer wont even power on, and he fumbled around on his Ipad, and chortled out some rambling, non-related response.


    I'm calling Customer Relations tomorrow, and if this issue isn't resolved to my satisfaction (e.g., Apple pays for the repairs), I'm considering whether I should get legal counsel involved--if some one hasn't already.  Most lawyers would jump at the chance to file a class action repping multiple, actionable claims (including breach of implied and express warranties, violation of various state and federal consumer protection acts).  I don't say this lightly, but my experience handling and dealing with this the past few days has been nothing short of awful.

  • noondaywitch Level 6 (8,135 points)

    barboursam wrote:


    sorry, they took it back in exchange for the new laptop. I can apprieciate why people might like mac, but it think its all to do with the operating system, and i could easily get that for my new laptop


    No, you can't. OS X won't install on non-Mac hardware. Nor will it run in a VM.


    (and yes, I'm aware of hackintoshes, but that's a lot of work for an unstable system)

  • noondaywitch Level 6 (8,135 points)

    No use ranting in here, bbrinkert.


    These forums are user-to-user.

  • mongooseny Level 1 (0 points)

    Macbook pro 2010 15"

    Black screen of death


    I brought my mbp into apple and they installed a video update. I had seen several mbp users complain about video issues and it only was resolved with a logic board replacement. I argued to no avail as apple store support stated that "you can't trust what you see on google." They ran their diagnostics which didn't pick up the issue.


    I brought in my mbp again and the customer rep had a horrible attitude. They said that based on my history. My shut downs were not related to the black screen issue and that they solution was to erase my hard drive. I said i was not comfortable with that and then they ran VST diagnostic which is apparently a new test for the macs with video card issues. Failed popped up on the screen in bright red and it said replace MLB.


    Ask for the VST test and don't let them tell you anything else. I did not have apple care and i've had my computer for 18 months. They finally had no choice but to do the fix.


    Good luck mb owners.

  • bbrinkert Level 1 (0 points)

    I understand this is purely user-to-user.  But voicing frustrations is cathartic in its own right--or at least it is for me. 

  • mikefromspicewood Level 1 (0 points)

    I have the similar issues with MBP purchased in July 2007. I was playing a game and my screen froze up, tried to reboot and when the apple logo came up the screen had a checkerboard pattern and computer failed to boot up. I took to Apple Store and tried to power up my MBP and got the same checkerboard screen and laptop failed to boot up, they ran a test and I was told it was the logic board needed to be replaced. Now here is the kicker for me, I received notification of the class action lawsuit against Nvidia, took my laptop in for repair (no issues at that time) and was told unless my MBP had failed it was eliglbe for repair. Well on Jan. 30, 2012 my MBP has failed and I am 6 months past 4 yr. extension and it finally fails, has any gotten a repair FoC after the 4 yr. extension from Apple? I have contacted AppleCare and they even told me that I should still get the repair since I tried to have repaired before the 4 yr. extension expired. I have a Genius appt. in about an hour...hoping for the best.

  • jose darimatea Level 1 (0 points)

    well, how much you offer?

  • mandijean Level 1 (0 points)

    Okay Apple community.... get this... my macbook (purchased in the fall of 2007) crashed on me over a year ago (in the fall of 2010). Apple told me that the problem was my logic board and that I needed to have it replaced. Well, being the lazy-lady that I am (and relying solely on my iMac) I just let my laptop sit in its case for a while to collect some dust. Apple had removed the hard drive and I bought an external for it. I cleaned out the hard drive through my iMac and left the external/hard drive alone.


    Well... I was about to break down to buy a new laptop and decided that I would plug in my macbook just to see. Well, to my absolute surprise my computer started. It flashed a folder and a ? and that reminded me that I needed to reinstall the hard drive. So I did all that, started it up again, and... yep.... IT WORKS!


    I can get on the internet, look around in folders and programs, and it seems to be just fine. DOES ANYONE KNOW *** HAPPENED??? Do I trust my laptop now or is it going to crash on me again???


    Any thoughts on whats going on here?


    Thanks - MJ

  • pabrew Level 1 (0 points)

    Hello All,

    I would like to add my voice and experiences in support of the many cries for help and reasonable or just service from Apple expressed in this thread:


    In Sept 2008 I purchased  a  MacBook Pro 15-inch A1260, SNo: W88341YVYK0,  cost £1730.  It has only ever had very light use and hardly even left the house, but a few days ago it started having sleep/startup problems and then died completely: as in when trying to start it up:-


    Fans run, no chimes, white latch light ≈ 0.2 secs then fades /flashes,  no keyboard input or backlights, tried PRAM reset  - no change, tried SMC controller reset  -  no change,  tried run as Target Disk  -  no chance, completely unresponsive & useless  ever since failure.... pretty dead huh?



    This Mac is fitted with the NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT graphics processor , subject of a $200 million lawsuit between Nvidia and Apple and acknowledged by Apple to be faulty and thus subject of the 4 year replacement program listed here  <>


    Unfortunately, since the video chip is soldered to the logic board then often the logic board is also damaged by failure , details here

    < igibility-of-macbook-pro-nvidia-gpu-problems/>


    Tech reports from service outfits that HAVE dismantled the machine and found that the heat transfer /solder material from the video chip has melted and shorted out the motherboard - well, Duh, it is soldered to it and you can’t easily change one without the other.


    AN AASP rold me “Although there is a Warranty Extension Program running to cover the replacement logic board under warranty, the unit needs to be less than 4 years old to qualify (which it is) and needs to FAIL the NVIDIA Graphics Test.”


    However, if, as in very many cases, the machine can not be started the test can not be run. So Apple reckon they can then wash their hands and say “ no, its not the faulty video chip, so give us the money for a new logic board unless you’re still covered by service care or warranty in some way”


    ?  Hang on: in the last few days I’ve seen literally hundreds, maybe even a thousand, posts from very unhappy customers with identical problems: there appears to be a ≈ 3 year threshold of these major failures now reaching epicemic proportions!


    SO, hoping it helps:


    my diagnosis – video chip has failed and taken out logic board:


    my problem  -  how to get it repaired by Apple ?



    As a struggling solo business I am left with an £1800 paperweight after 3 years of very light use: hardly seems fair, does it?


    I shall be writing to the Apple dealer I bought it from, as in the UK we have legislation regarding goods being “ fit for purpose “ when sold. Of course thats a big struggle and I might not win even if I am in the right, so I would prefer that Apple admitted there was a problem and simply agreed to replace logic boards with faulty Nvidia 8600 Grafix chips soldered to them.


    I have turned dozens of people on to Apple computers since I started using them in 1983: but if this kind of blind corporate theft is really what Apple have come to then it is sadly time to re-evaluate that enthusiasm and loyalty.


    I’m sure Mr. Jobs would be Spinning Steve if he was around to read this!


    I hope this helps: God knows we need it when struggling with one of the world’s richest Companies


    These attached links provide further relevant info:







    < pple-owes-me-a-logic-board/>


    < omments>



  • pabrew Level 1 (0 points)


    since this Thread has over 46 thousand views, may we assume that this problem affects at least 40,000 customers?


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