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    It sounds like the same problem that I had. You could take it to the Apple Store and ask them to open up your laptop to check that the graphics card hasn't overheated, which is what I asked them to do. The only way they test it for the NVIDIA issue is via software diagnostics otherwise and they are pretty adamant that if the machine doesn't power on with chime/caps lock key light then it's logic board failure.

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    That's so frustrating that the nearest Apple Store is so far away! After Apple do a repair there is 90 days of warranty so it should still be covered. Good luck!

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    2 months ago a friend took my MBP to an apple dealer in mobile alabama

    the store wanted $600 to exchange the board

    although I told my friend to send it to apple directly

    after some mails my friend was able to take my MBP back from the apple dealer

    I had to pay the apple dealer $50 to get my MBP back again although they did absolutely nothing


    apple repair center exchanged the speaker a cable and the logic board

    although only the logic board was defective

    it does not help because all these logic boards seem to be rejects


    what I found out is

    if you want your MBP to last a bit longer

    NEVER use iTunes or QuickTime don't dare watch Movies or even any vido clips

    and don't even think about going above snow leopard

    unfortunately Macs are not made for such tasks

    I own a U$350.- Toshiba NetBook which is far superior to any Apple product

    the shame of my story is that I used to work for an apple dealer myself ...

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    I have recently run into this problem within the last week with my 15" MBP Purchased December 2008 (I didn't get to actually pick it up until January 2009). Anyway, I had been playing World of Warcraft, ended the program (and all my other programs), shut the lid and went to take a shower. I came out and tried to use the machine about 15 minutes later.


    As fate would have it, I was about to use the laptop to show my dad the game (the concept fascinates him, as he is computer illiterate), among other things. When I opened the lid, nada. The fans started and that other sound that sounds like what I'm assuming is a drive starting right before the chime goes on (sorry, my I.T. days were spent working on PC's so I'm trying to describe)...the chime will not sound. I restarted and tried a number of other fixes I saw (PRAM, etc). The computer had had a loud fan at one point and at times had a tendency to get a bit hot, especially when playing WoW...I had found a fix for that on the internet as well and had taken my computer apart many many months ago to fix this, and didn't have any more problems until now.


    I have noticed, and so has my fiancee, that the screen used to just go black for no reason while we were watching something (a movie, Netflix/other streaming video, etc) and sometimes even while I was just working on a Word doc. It would happen randomly...just go black, and then return to normal after a few moments. Sometimes when I was running lots of high res video, it would go black for a minute, then the screen would reappear as asleep and I'd need to enter my password.


    There was once or twice when it took quite a bit of time to start back up and needed a restart. I was running a few programs and figured maybe it just freezed, and left it at that. iSight has a tendency to black out as well. In addition, I've got a few stuck pixels.


    And even though the fan no longer makes a noise, the laptop runs (or well, was running) rather hot. I actually have a picture of the blister the bottom left on my thigh from burning me once. It was beginning to slow down as well. I don't have anything bizarre on my computer...just stuff any college grad would have.


    I didn't have AppleCare (which would have expired anyway by now) so I never brought it in, as I was unaware that there was a serious, degenerating issue going on. I was sucked into the high-quality trend of Apple products and thought nothing would ever happen to my beloved MBP, generally working well for quite some time. I started using it a lot less as I was moving and whatnot, and now that I've started to use it again, I've begun to observe the same problems repeating. Oh, and then it just died.


    Here's the problem.

    I looked on my iPhone for help on this subject. I didn't come across this threat, unfortunately, but I did see a logic board as a possibility so I called Apple and attempted to speak with tech support. They charge a one-time fee of around $50 to speak with a technician. No joke. $50 just to talk to someone. Obviously I didn't pay. I spoke to another girl (presumably from Apple Care or Sales) to see if I could get some idea of the cost of a new logic board. She couldn't help me and told me to contact the nearest store if I wanted it looked at.


    I was completely unaware of the problem with these video cards when I called and when I took my laptop in to the Apple store. I explained what had happened when the computer died. The kid (he was definitely not older than me, I am 22) I talked to finished my sentence for me practically. He goes, "yeah, we get lots of these in, let me take a look." He's been over this schpiel before, I can see.


    He tried to zap PRAM and restart, then he took it to the back for no more than five minutes. He said I needed a new logic board and that because of the "condition" of my computer (it's a bit banged up, nothing awful, it's travelled and I've had to open it to tweak things and clean it) he would have to send it in for a general repair, as if the dents were so bad they couldn't reach the logic board? This would cost $1240 and so I may as well just buy the new version at $1299. The kid actually just told me I may as well buy a new computer. Smiled and walked away. From what I can tell, the logic board is attached to the bottom casing anyway, so wouldn't this be an automatic part of the job, and not something extra?


    I could buy a used macbook pro, the latest version, for about $800-900 on eBay. But at this point it seems like a real risk. This is not my first Apple problem.


    I was lucky. I paid about $1200 for this computer as they were coming out with the new black keyboarded ones for Christmas that year (winter 2008-2009). So it should still fall under the four year repair period. I am not about to pay the same amount to fix it or replace it, thoguh, if the cause of the failure is so obviously my GPU. Even if I didn't know about that, it's really not my fault if the GPU fries my logic board before I can have them test for a problem I didn't know about. Everything happened in such quick succession that I didn't even have a chance to go while it was still booting up.


    I've already spoken to a few people on the phone and been told to buy a new, equally expensive computer that frankly may also fail on me.


    Would it be worth it to bring it to a different Apple store (I live in an enormous city), and bring it up as a single NVIDIA issue and see what they do? And if they refuse to fix it because it's already fried (convenient, Apple), would I then have enough to call them with in California?


    Maybe I could send the picture of my giant blister from the over heating, lol.


    Any help would be appreciated.




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    thanks for sharing your bad experience with apple products
    unfortunately the company has become a pharmacy
    we the users are paying for apples malpractice using this chinese garbage


    did you ever try to clock the fan speed


    I bought my 13" MBP end of 2010 it died on me after only 13 months

    obviously the components are bad

    I had two beige G3's after 15 years they were still working

    one of them even had bloated components but it always worked

    unfortunately I threw them in the garbage

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    go to my post on page 10 - full of info & links  good luck pabrew

    Re: MacBook Pro Logic Board Failure

    16-Feb-2012 00:33 (in response to Keith Walsh)

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    Because i posted here and had the same problem (fixed for free, btw), i have been getting updates to this thread. I keep reading posts by people who come to the thread but don't bother reading the MANY answers and suggestions that people, including myself, have taken the time to write. Instead of spending your time ranting about apple, take advantage of the helpful suggestions that people have given.

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    If you got your board fixed outside the extended warranty period consider yourself Extremely lucky.

    For some no matter what they do, what they read, who they talk to, what Apple store they go to, they have been unable to get this known problem corrected if they are out of the time period or the system would boot to get the code.


    That is a fact and that is why they are posting.

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    I live in the UK and I posted my letter last week telling apple to repair/replace my Mac under the Sale of Goods Act 1979. I will let you know their response.

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    apple and any other company should be obliged to announce recalls

    and change faulty products free of charge

    they seem to forget where all the money comes from

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    Thanks to those who replied.


    I actually did read the entire thread...which I think is evident in my there were questions regarding the best way execute/use what I had read.

    Not just a rant against Apple.


    That said, I'm still wondering if I should take it back to the Apple store, this time with the knowledge of this problem, present it as such and see if that would help my case...or at least help me plead my case if I have to call headquarters (see, I did read the posts).


    There is so much info out on this now that it's hard to know exactly what the right route is to fix this. Many people have taken many different approaches. I would really prefer not to buy another machine out of desperation and just keep the one I have for a while longer until I've chosen a machine to invest in that doesn't have massive failure issues.

  • macssam Level 1 (0 points)

    you would have to be good friends with a judge to get anything done

    the people who handle repairs

    can't talk and would never grab an initiative
    because they believe it's against apple

    and are afraid to loose their under payed jobs

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    I had a logic board failure with my MBP and it was sent for repair in the uk to group8 who managed to change the serial number of my MBP 2011 to a MB 2010.


    So beware with this company.

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    How did you determine this change? My 2010 mbp logic board failed 13 months after purchase, was fixed FoC and I would like to check mine out.

    I'm feeling cautious about this company too.



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    I found out when I had other issues and apple asked me to send some information along with the serial number.


    Clicked on the apple logo top left, about this mac, then more info and it came up with all the info for a MB 2010 not MBP 2011.

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