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    macssam wrote:


    what you are saying is

    that for U$400 apple installes the same old junk parts ...

    Yes they do. Anyone that has had there 2007/2008 MBP LB replaced got one with the same vid chip, although updated (I would hope) to a part that doesn't have the flaw. Apples to Apples.

  • Keith Walsh Level 1 (15 points)

    I would like to add that when my board was replaced it was with the third revision of that particular logic board( a rev3 board). Mine was replaced almost a year ago and has been working fine since then. The serial number remained the same.

  • Shootist007 Level 6 (16,660 points)

    Keith Walsh wrote:


    I would like to add that when my board was replaced it was with the third revision of that particular logic board( a rev3 board). Mine was replaced almost a year ago and has been working fine since then. The serial number remained the same.

    Does it still have the 8600 NVidia card in it?


    Well of course it would be a newer revision. I'm not suggesting they used the same faulty part but the board is the same with updates.

  • Keith Walsh Level 1 (15 points)

    yes the spec is the same just a revised version of the same board.

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    Keith Walsh wrote:


    yes the spec is the same just a revised version of the same board.

    Thanks for clearing that up.


    Good Luck with your Mac.

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    it's the same reject product as before

    did anyone of you tried to clocjk the fan speed ...

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    I just want to tell everyone my experience and update.

    Heres the story if you missed my first post:

    Purchased mbp in late 2007 with apple care. Logic board replaced in 2009 under apple care (they never mentioned nvidia issue back then to me). Computer is fine until this week, screen freezing and freezing on start up with distorted screen.

    I took it to apple store and genius said it would cost $300+ to replace it because it has been over 4 years from original purchase date. I mentioned already having it replaced, no change.

    Came home, found this thread.


    Heres the new part:

    I decided to call apple hq, not 800 #, and asked to speak to someone regarding my genius appointment. When i got on with someone i told them my situation, my dissapointment with a $2000+ product etc. I was put on hold and the service rep came back with an offer, apple would cover cost of part and I cover cost of labor. I asked how much labor would be, put on hold again. He called authorized apple service centers in my area and found $85 to be the lowest price. During my time on hold I began thinking to my self that I shouldnt have to cover ANY costs.

    I told the service rep that I think apple should cover costs because this machine should be reliable and not have the same issue twice in under 5 years. He then told me that I have an old computer and the offer mentioned is the best he can do and noted the price of the logic board is usually $1300. I then asked him if he thought a part costing over $1000 should fail twice in just over 4 years? He told me he could put me on with the supervisor.

    Long hold.

    Supervisor came on and was very nice. Explained my frustration again, he already knew about the case, and he put me on hold once again. Came back with the same offer as the first service rep, explaining that it was beneficial to me that I purchased apple care and already had issues with the logic board, BUT it was too far past the four year nvidia cut off. Before I accepted I asked him one more question which was something like, When my logic board was replaced back in 09, was a board with the same faulty nvidia component used?

    This sparked something. He went to check, and sure enough the issue then was nvidia, as was now. Being that my logic board was 'new' back in 09, it would more than likely fail outside of 4 years from my original purchase. Supervisor agreed with me. He said apple would cover all costs.


    I am taking my macbook to a service center tomorrow.


    So, to those of you who had your logic boards replaced by apple under the 4 year nvidia agreement, I would expect some of them to fail on you again in the future, as mine did.


    Good luck to everyone, I hope this can help some of you.

  • Shootist007 Level 6 (16,660 points)

    That is just great and I am glad you got your fixed, as it should of been, FOC.


    But look at what you had to go through to get something fixed that shouldn't of happened in the first place and should of been RECALLED, ALL OF THEM RECALLED, when the flaw was first found.


    So the bottom line is they replace your LB back in 2009 with the exact same faulty NVidia graphics chip that was installed in the original late 2007 and early 2008 models. Long after the flaw was first discovered. That just go to show you that Apple does not care about it's customers. Figuring you would of bought a new Mac by the time it failed again.

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    I just want to thank everyone on this forum for your help. My 2008 MBP had a logic board failure 2 weeks ago, and I just thought it was one of those things and was about to get a new computer, when I chanced upon this discussion and discovered it was probably due to the faulty graphics chip.


    Anyway, with 1 month to go on the four year replacement program run by apple I took it to my local apple store, spoke to a genius, and thanks to the knowledge I was armed with from this forum, told him my logic board had failed due to the graphics chip and apple was replacing them under warranty. He tried to run the test for a faulty chip, but I told him he couldnt because the logic board had failed, but he tried anyway and discovered he couldnt because the logic board had failed!


    Then I told him about this discussion thread and that it was due to the chip failure and he said he would repair it under the warranty. Repaired within 2 days.


    What I dont understand is why any of the geniuses refuse the repair, as apparently NVIDIA pays for it anyway.


    I would urge anyone experiencing graphics issues to get the chip changed before the logic board fails and not ignore it like I did (The graphical glitches only started after I upgraded to Lion and only happened a couple of times so I put it down to Lion rather than the chip)


    One odd thing that has been happening since the repair though, my MBP seems to be heating up a lot quicker than before, has anyone else noticed this on their repaired MBP?

  • Shootist007 Level 6 (16,660 points)

    I think NVidia only pays for it if Apple can give them the code lfor that unit. In any event Apple should replace all of them whether or not a cose can be gotten. It was Apple choice to go with the NVidia chip in the first place. It's not like anyone had a choice in what graphics card got installed in there Mac.


    As to the heating issue it could be that the repair center did not do something correctly in the re-assembly of the unit. like not connecting one of the fans, that is if it has 2 fans in it. I'd use iStatPro to check out the fan speeds and temps.

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    No the fans are working fine, in fact they are more active than they used to be. Istat seems to indictate the CPU and GPU diode getting hotter more quickly than they used to before, but it is always hard to tell wether it is something you are imagining or not which is why I wondered if anyone else had the problem after their logic  board was replaced.

  • Shootist007 Level 6 (16,660 points)

    Could be they did not spread, or use enough, thermal paste on the CPU and GPU chips when they re- assembled the unit.

    Or the heatsink unit was/is failing or not installed properly.

    This is something that MUST be looked at. This can cause another failure.

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    I had my logicboard and thermal assembly replaced under warranty for the same reason and when I watch videos for any length of time, my 2010 mbp runs HOT too. Someone else on this forum, similarly situated, recommended not watching any videos, or you'll suffer the same fate again; I'm beginning think he 's right.

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    Thanks guys. Unfortunately my nearst store is over 1hour away so I can't just pop I'm, so I will give them a call. Sharon239 did you try to get them to have another look at it after the repair because of this? Did you manage to get the problem sorted?

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