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    i just drove 25 miles for the same reason took a halfday off of work. to be told that it was too far past the 4 year recall period. after doing research myself thought the whole thing would and should be covered seeing as it was recalled. not the case.  this is my only mac, when i bought it i was told all of the great things about their customer service and how they stand behind their products. My question if you sell a high end product that costs 3 times as much as a comparable pc and you know and acknowledge that it has a defect shouldnt it just BE covered? not everyone that owns one is rich.

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    Yeah, its tough to swallow the behavior of not helping the customer out when its a known manufacturing problem on Apple's end. If a similar situation would arise with a car, you would have a recall for that particular part. To me the problem lies with not alerting the customer base who had purchased the product. After having purchased a machine for close to $3000, why am I left to google search a manufacturing issue that Apple knew about, instead of receiving an official apple email on the issue so that I could take action or look for warning signs before my computer went past their 4 year window that they'll support with their defect. Thank you for leaving your customers hanging in the wind with a faulty product that should have lasted more than 4 years, especially at the premiums we have to pay for supposedly great quality products. It definitely makes you wonder about your next purchase.

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    Maybe someone (Or everyone who is dealing with this unwillingness to service what is a known failure) should bring this to their local TV News station.

    In San Francisco the Local ABC station has 7 on your Side. A segment that tries to rectify consumer injustices.


    Just a thought.


    I had this problem and had it fixed at the Genius Bar last year on a 2008 MBP. But it may have been within the 4 year period. But I totally agree. If a manufacturer knows of a failing part there should be no question and no time period as to when it should be repaired. Especially if there has been a Class Action Suit brought against them that has gone thru the court system and it was deemed their fault.

    It should just be repaired. And a notice sent out alert the public of such a failure. That is only good business.


    I have been a loyal Apple customer for many many years... Apple II, Mac SE, etc...  but I am dismayed at the response that Apple has chosen to execute in regards to a know failure / product defect.


    Make it pubic again... beyond just this board, which you think the people at Apple would actually read since it is part of, but apparently don't. Sad.


    Take it to the news media.

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    lion and mountain lion are packed with garbage

    and really heats up all the cheap chinese hardware

    in mountain lion you can just disable all the windows crap they have added to lion ...

  • macssam Level 1 Level 1

    they have to satisfy walstreet

    and are forgetting where the real money comes from ...

  • macssam Level 1 Level 1

    one day they will tumble over a bigger issue and will be history ...

  • SunBurn Level 1 Level 1

    I just had my logic board replaced on my MacBook Pro Early 2008. I paid $580 at the Apple Store. The genius at the Apple Store was truly amazing. I had mine repaired instead of buying one because I usually use Macs for 5 years before I upgrade. I'd like to use my MBPro for one more year and I could not afford to buy a new one right now. It's totally worth it.


    My question is --- what would be the cause of logic board dying on MBPro early 2008? Mine also died after it slept the whole night. I could not turn it on the next day. Could it be power surge? Could it be the Crucial RAM I installed about 6 months ago?? I'd like to know so I can avoid it. The genius guy said it could be static from me replacing my RAM. But I was very careful when I replaced it. I did the touching your computer thingy to get a good ground (?) I am also blaming my surge protector (Philips). We do have really short power outage once in a while at home.


    I'd like to know so my logic board would not die again! Thank you!

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    My June 2008 mbp just died 2 weeks ago. I set up an appointment for the following day, but i decided to turn on my computer to check if it still had the issue - as things magically fix themselves with me ALL the time. Of course, the screen came up and i cancelled my appointment. within an hour, the screen turned black with no warning (note: it wasn't on sleep like most cases and the first time). I brought it into an apple store in CA 2 days after that. I tried daily to turn it on to see if it would magically work again in hopes of restoring my pictures. No luck. I brought it in and the NOT so nice 'genius' brought my laptop to the back on a SUPER busy monday and came back out with it and said "maybe it's time for you to look into a newer model as this will be a $310 - w/o tax - repair. I kept my cool, but she was absolutely unsympathetic (which i have received before by her in May 2011)


    But the reason I'm upset here - In June 2011 I brought in my mbp for display damage (the cracked brackets caused flickering) after MUCH thought and they replaced that with a $350 charge, they also fixed my cd drive which was broken by the end of 2008 already.


    I brought the laptop back in in January 2012 due to a hard drive failure. Under their 4 year plan - they said they'd replace the logic board as it's been an issue. 90 days have passed since it was replaced and the logic board mysteriously fails RIGHT after the end of the warranty period.


    I didn't need the original logic board repaired and they STILL give me a failing one?! I'll be nagging multiple Apple stores until I have this problem resolved. This is absolutely RIDICULOUS.

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    I purchased my Macbook pro 1.5 years ago in Aug 2010 (did not purchase Apple care for extended warranty) . Started getting kernel panics recently and after every panic attack the machine would beep 3 times repeatedly. However, after not bothering with it for many hours (busy with work) I would be able to turn the machine on and use it for 5-15mins and would experience another kernel panic. I recently took it to Genius Bar in Glasgow and was advised it was a 3rd party conflict (Sophos anti-virus) issue. I was advised to delete Sophos and everything would be fine. But it wasn't the case and I had to travel to Glasgow again. This time I was advised that the technicians would run a detailed diagnostic test and they suspected that it was a Logic Board or RAM issue. Today I was advised by a store personnel that it was a "Logic Board " fault and had to be replaced (costs approx 400GBP). I wanted the technical details of the fault emailed to me so I could get a second opinion. Instead, I get an email advising me that I have to physically go to the store to get the technical details of the fault.




    This is so disappointing. It has lasted just 1.5 years and as a student I just don't have the funds to get this fixed (could probably get a decent PC for that money).  I bought an iPod touch at the same time and its great.  Not sure if my next notebook will be an Apple product.

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    Now I havent been on here for a while because of stupid Apple messing up my Apple ID - so here's my tale - I PROVED to the NOT genius and store manager that my GPU was the issue by showing them it dead and then taking it back THE NEXT DAY WORKING after I had reflowed the GPU.  What did they say?  Essentially WE DON'T CARE.  We don't care that you've bought Apple computers consistently for 20 YEARS and that you now WON'T EVER AGAIN.  If anyone wants to know - and I'm an expert at repair now - the reflows are only temporary for macbooks and not worth doing - there are a couple of guys on ebay doing full GPU replacement with updated GPUs - that is the only way to go.  I've just had to have a new logic board after four reflows eventually damaged the GPU memory, but I've had the original crap GPU replacend with the upgraded one.  I've spoken to Apple care, I've spoken to managers and those dullards laughingly called geniusus and I've proven to them that Apple has ripped me and other customers off wholesale, and the new Apple simpply doesn't care.  I've been what some people call a "fanboy" for 20 years and have persueded academic institutions to buy into Macs wholesale, but now I feel the old Apple is dead.  This is one loyal customer with a sick, sick traste in his mouth.  Long live windows.

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    Oh and Hewlit Packard has extended its warranty to 6 years.  A company selling PCs for a fraction of what we paid is giving better service than wonderful Apple.  Makes you sick.

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    please do not pay. your situation sounds similar to mine. I will repost this from earlier as this thread continues to get larger and more people are paying out of pocket for a situation that isn't the owners fault.


    Posted in feb.


    Macbook pro 2010 15"

    Black screen of death


    I brought my mbp into apple after several kernel panics and black screen of death and they installed a video update. I had seen several mbp users complain about video issues and it only was resolved with a logic board replacement. I argued to no avail as apple store support stated that "you can't trust what you see on google." They ran their diagnostics which didn't pick up the issue.


    The video update worked for a few days and I brought in my mbp again and the customer rep had a horrible attitude. They said that based on my history my shut downs were not related to the black screen issue and that the solution was to erase my hard drive. I said i was not comfortable with that and then they ran VST diagnostic which is apparently a new test for the macs with video card issues. Failed popped up on the screen in bright red and it said replace MLB.


    Ask for the VST test and don't let them tell you anything else. I did not have apple care and i've had my computer for 18 months 2010 15"MP. They finally had no choice but to do the fix.


    Good luck mb owners.

  • SunBurn Level 1 Level 1

    Signs of bad display came out a year after I bought my MBP Early 2008 -- small dark spots and white misty like stuff on the top part of the display. I had problems with my trackpad too -- the clicker always got stuck pressed. Thank God I bought AppleCare. They repaired my MBP. They replaced the display and the trackpad. Two years after my logic board failed. AppleCare was expired. I paid CA$580.


    I'm really starting to question the integrity and durability of Apple products.... or is it just the Early 2008 MBP that is plagued with problems??

  • deborah16 Level 1 Level 1 lained


    Also phone your local Trading Standards who will give you some good advice. They will probably tell you to write to the store you purchased your Macbook from and send the letter as recorded (signed for) and keep a copy. They will also log any issue you call about and give you a reference number so that you can call them again when you have any update to the situation.

  • DBcell Level 1 Level 1

    Hi mongooseny and others,


    I need some help. On Monday the Apple store informed me it was my Logic Board. I wanted to find out the exact details of what's wrong with the Logic Board and waited to hear from them for two days. Initially they said that I could not get this by email.  Yesterday when I rang them again,  I was advised that they were running more tests to make sure it was the Logic Board.


    Today I get a call advising me that their diagnostic test LO AND BEHOLD highlighted that their "GRAPHICS CARD" ( Nvidea ) had failed. When I pointed out the whole "NVIDEA-MACBOOK PRO SAGA"  genius bar member ( she was nice and empathetic)  said to me that the problem with my GRAPHICS CARD was not the same problem. So, I asked her to specify what the problem was with " my graphics card". Apparently, they do not have the techinical knowhow (even it went to their factory or some sort of centre) to find out what was wrong with the GPU and all they do is plug in a gadget to test it. This seems like a party line that they have to tow.  All in all, I will have to fork out 400pounds to get this fixed.


    However, I am not going to accept this and am going back to witness the diagnostic test. I would like to arm myself with as much info as possible about this whole NVIDEA saga. Could you please highlight some online resources. My feeling is I will have to take this higher up with APPLE centre in Ireland  and its kinda hard to deal with people when its over the phone.


    Any help and suggestions much appreciated.

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