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  • Helldog Level 1 Level 1
    Thanks Bob. I had already dropped my MBP off for servicing so I can't try this option. Unfortunately as it is still a public holiday here the technicians weren't working so it will be sometime on Wednesday before I find out exactly what the situation is.

    Will keep you all posted on the outcome.

  • Maxio Level 1 Level 1
    This Is definitely too coincidental. I too had my 3 year old mbp fail a week ago with the same symptoms. I brought it in and was told that it was the logic board. All the Apple guy did was plug into an external monitor and tried to turn it on. He didn't run any diagnostics or go beyond that. Then he recommended I just buy a new one, since the replacement of the LB was almost as much as a new mbp! not cool! Is there another thread regarding the video issues?
  • ezee1 Level 1 Level 1
    the graphics card is part of the logic board, it soldered to it, I had the same problem , apple service replaced the lot, logic board, graphics card & processor, it would of cost $2008, as stated on the invoice, all done for free, make sure u let them know, apple customer service rep had no idea, that there was lawsuit against NVIDIA, and apple was replacing them for free
  • Robert Stone Level 2 Level 2
    There is another thread on this but info is similar. An earlier poster referenced this article which I brought with me to the Apple store:
    It outlines the issue which the Genius you worked with might not have known about. As I understand it an external monitor would not show anything if NVIDIA is the issue. Good luck!
  • MalcW Level 1 Level 1
    This is really a message to everyone.

    It seems clear from all these posts (including mine!) that there are problems associated with both the Nvidia Graphics Chip and the Main Logic board on 3 year old MacBook Pros. It also seems to be a bit of a lottery whether Apple will repair the Nvidia piece FoC or the entire logic board. I'm in the UK and I see that someone in the US saw $2000 or so on the invoice for the complete logic board. Crikes! I had my repair done in a UK Apple Store and the total cost was just over £700 which I guess is around $1100. Luckily for me this was done FoC.

    As I said in my post, it was clear to me that the technician really had no clue as to whether it was the Nvidia chip or the entire logic board. Since there was no start up chime etc etc I was fearing that it was the entire logic board that had gone up the swanny. Since I was only days out of my Apple Care Protection Plan I can only assume that the Apple Care guy took pity on me and arranged for the repair to be done FoC. This does suggest to me that Apple IS aware of this problem and, whilst suing Nvidia might be the right thing to do, there does appear to be two issues here.

    I agree with those that said this - "No way should one of these expensive machines be failing in such a catastrophic manner after only 3 years".

    I'm one of the lucky ones but it seems to me that there are just too many people out there who clearly have been unlucky enough to live in the wrong place.

    If Apple is reading these posts it is about time that they acknowledged the problem and simply replaced what appears to me to be faulty logic boards and Nvidia chips. Maybe the Nvidia chip problem causes the Main Logic board to fail. Doesn't matter, it's still Apple's problem and it doesn't look like it's all that isolated.

    I can only hope that Apple acknowledges this soon and gets its reputation back in order. After all, if you buy a 17" MBP you're not exactly a beginner!

  • tante ida Level 1 Level 1
    hey, its really amazing and of course infuriating I got this MacBook Pro 15" (mid 2007) via ebay only today. After startup all seemed ok. So I didn't wait to get OS 10.6.5 on it. But then all the problems discussed here started, no light on display etc. I then tried what you had practiced, the T-mode, and it worked. Only the display still shows nothing!
    So whats next to be done - change the nvidia-card?

    anyway happy new year to you guys!
  • Keith Walsh Level 1 Level 1
    Spot on MalcW.

    I've started the process of dealing with AppleCare on this issue and with my non-DVD burning iMac. Called last night, gave up after almost 30 minutes on hold. Called back today and started with troubleshooting the iMac while also inquiring about the MBP issue. The rep did not know much about the logic board issue ( I filled him in a bit) but was willing to put me through to his manager to further the issue. I didn't have time for that today but will call back.

    I will add however that Apple Canada has NO customer relations number (according to AppleCare anyway) that I can call.

    I also have not received a reply to my e-mail of two weeks ago.

    So the saga continues and I'll keep you posted.
  • Robert Stone Level 2 Level 2
    If it boots but does not show anything on the screen it does sound like the NVIDIA card issue - as I understand it the card is part of / soldered to the main logic board so that needs to be replaced. I have no idea how Apple handles that if you are not the original owner - I would print out the information on NVIDIA failure (see my earlier post) and take it along with your MBP to an Apple store if you can. Big bummer that it had this issue right after you got it! Good luck!
  • Helldog Level 1 Level 1
    Hi all

    Good news at my end. I've just found out from the service technicians that it was a graphics card failure (and hence logic board replacement) and it is covered 'under warranty'. All going well I should have my computer back up and running by the weekend.

  • Robert Stone Level 2 Level 2
    Great news, H

    I just got mine back today and works great. Nice to not have to drop money on a new computer.

  • Keith Walsh Level 1 Level 1
    I have to say that the more I interact with AppleCare the more frustrating it gets. To address my iMac issue I had to call four times. To finally convince them I did not have a software issue I had to run the apple hardware test, the techtool hardware test then reformat my hard drive and re-install the OS. Only then they did they give up and direct me to a service provider.

    To discuss the MBP issue I went above the first Applecare rep to a senior rep who was in no way helpful. His position was that the Nvidia issue and the logic board issue are two separate issues and if the techs are not able to diagnose the Nvidia issue then tough luck for me.

    Having spent around $10,000 on Apple hardware over the past 5 years I've just about had it. I'll drag both my latest broken macs to the provider to get the iMac repaired and a diagnosis on the macbook pro and take it from there I guess.

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  • HaleBoo Level 1 Level 1
    Logic Board fail Macbook Pro 2008. Replaced under Applecare - 5 days was left on warranty!! (3yr Protection Plan A)
    Have been using Mac alot over the last 4 months and im glad i did now.
    Full cost to replace would have been £720 (£600 + £120 VAT)
    Applecare were very helpful got appointment at local Store same day, luckily the one Logic Board they had in stock hadnt been assigned. Was fixed same day and collected following day.......Marvelous.
    Upon purchasing Applecare 3 yrs ago i took the advice..if your going to be using it alot there's a chance things can go wrong and it WILL be expensive to repair...i just got very lucky with the timing and the repair turn around time.
  • Keith Walsh Level 1 Level 1

    It is good to hear you had a good experience. However I'm sure you might not feel as good about Apple had your Applecare expired when the issue occurred. If you are under Applecare then yes you will get the repair covered no problem but if your troubles occur after that then it's a crap shoot.

    For me this whole issue is so frustrating as it mirrors what I went through with my older iMac G5 where the logic board (and more) failed. It was out of Applecare and I had to fight hard to get help from Apple but they eventually came through for me. If they had not I doubt I would have ever bought another mac. iMac G5's were riddled with defects. Now with my Mac Book Pro it's the same situation all over again only this time Apple has been anything but helpful even though logic board failures are again a major issue on these machines as well.
  • HaleBoo Level 1 Level 1
    This is undoubtedly a manufacturing fault...but as with all manufacturing faults and warranties it has to occur within the warranty period to be resolved by the manufacturer. This failure seems to occur around the 3 year period which i think is too near the end of warranty to be addressed officially or recalled by Apple.
  • Keith Walsh Level 1 Level 1
    I strongly disagree with that statement. If the defect is widespread then it should be addressed. Most iBook G4 and iMac G5 problems occurred well after the standard 1 year warranty and yet were addressed in various ways. Recall also that Apple's actual warranty is only 1 year, the 3 year is an optional extra.

    Companies that produce products with widespread defects and they fail to address them often end up involved in class action suits irregardless of the length of the warranty. In edition many countries have what are referred to as "legal warranties" in their consumer protection laws that supersede any warranty period given by the manufacturer if the court agrees that the lifespan of the product was unreasonably short.

    More to the point however the faults in these products have left many Apple customers disappointed and frustrated. I don't know why Apple would want to lose so many of their best customers when helping these people would keep them as loyal customers far into the future?
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