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    natere2 Atlanta


    apple does NOT send spare parts

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    I can replace the board myself, but Apple dosen't sell components, like the logic board, to regular consumers, only to authorized repair businesses. And they have no control over what the business charge for the repair, and the businiess is not allowed to sell the components to consumers directly. A new logic board costs the reapir depot about $134.00, they can sell the service of replacing the board for whatever they want. But they cannot ever sell that board to a consumer.

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    Before buying a new logic board, try the RROD XBOX fix first. Again, this is just another RROD but, for Apple. It's been almost 2 months and still kicking. Be sure to use a fan control and turn it up. Somehow, the systems does run hotter when running Windows 7.

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    sorry this was a repalcement board apple installed but i am parting out.  i have pics if needed.  instead of whining just buy and fix apple doesnt care about your nvidia problems!  i called them and they fixed my without issue (after the 4 year period, by about 4 months) so you can have tem fix it but can't compalin and whine its called social engineering!

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    My 2008 MacBook Pro just recently died on me too. This happened a few days after I installed Mountain Lion.


    Took the computer to the Apple Store, a pleasant but condensing Genius quoted chapter and verse that Mountain Lion could not have been the cause and that because the machine no longer turns on there is no way to prove it was the NVDIA problem on too of that he smiled as he informed me the laptop was out of the 4 year replacement period.


    Really not impressed. So I called customer relations today and they said they would repair it for free if I took it to my local authorised repairer and they could diagnose it was the GPU at fault. Took the laptop in, hoping they honour their agreement.

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    Good luck to you, and I bet you are in the US. It seems that in Canada, they are going by the letter, and not by goodwill. I tried to get to a tier 2 rep to help me, but they see I have called before, and say that no one will help as I have been told the story, so they won't give me the time of day now, unless I pay.


    Once again, Apple doesn't care about service, except service at a premium price. I have sent the logic board away to have the gpu replaced with an updated version. Strangley, $134.00!


    I have told 13 people so far about Apple and their products, and I will continue to do so until I get bored. Such terrible customer service should be punished. So the fact I was going to buy a 27" Imac, loaded up, and a new Iphone, and get a new Macbook pro, goes without saying, Apple lost that $6400.00sale!


    I will be converting all files to something that will be much more stable, will last onger than 2-3 years, and if something goes wrong in 6 or 7 years, I can fix it myself for hardly any dough.


    Good riddance Apple, keep it up, and you will find people will leave. I still can't believe you are willing to let future sales go in the tank, to save pennies this quarter. Shame.

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    Just letting you know I am in Victoria, BC, Canada and I was 10 days over the 4 years when I brought my Mac Book Pro 2008 model  in and was diagnosed with the NVDIA failure.  We don't have an Apple store here but the authorized store is a "premium" store.


    It took me two days of calls, and after getting alot of information here, I stood firm and polite and eventually they approved the fix by the local store.  So there can be some positive results.  I wound up being sent to customer relations in Texas.


    Good luck.


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    Its called reflowing (the cheater way) or reballing the GPU (the proper fix) not to hard just scoop up on a stencil and see if a shop will let you use their reflow machines I know I would if anyone asked.

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    I live in Nashville, TN.. I took my 2008 MBP into the Apple store and the "genius" didnt even check it out. I told him what the issue was.


    Put computer to sleep, woke up and tried to turn it on and no chime, black screen.


    I did all my research on the forums and it sounded like the logic board. Well he takes the computer (this is after 2hr waiting) and tells me, and his exact words, "Yep, nothings happening"


    So he looks up my computer and says because it is out of the 4yr warranty date, (by 2 months) there is nothing they can do. How can you spend $2000 on a laptop that fails on you after 4 yrs? I am writing this email on a HP Pavillion I have had for almost 10 yrs and it is still going strong.


    This makes me question my feelings about the apple products. My wife and I both have iPhones, I just got my kids iPods for xmas, which I think I am just going to revert back to windows because at least they stand behind their product, or at least take the time to diagnose the issue.


    I cant even find a number to call to speak with someone else about the issue, the are wanting to charge me $19.99 just for the phone call.


    Does anyone know of a US number that I can call and discuss this without having to pay the "Talking Fee"?

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    I called Macbook pro ...sales. I said I was looking at getting another macbook pro...but there was an outstanding issue with my 2008......Told him my sad story, and he did re-direct my call to the tier 2 people, to address the issue. Of course there was nothig they can do because the 4 year rule is hard a fast, without exceptions, and anything they have done for others has been a grave mistake, and those apple people will pay.....


    You have to pay 19.99??? In Canada it's 59.99 !!!!!  Which means that not many call!!!

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    Just an update, Just got off the phone with a Sr Tech and he said that Apple is sticking by the 4 yr warranty with the NVidia and theres nothing they could do, it was out of his hands and he has never heard of anyone getting an exception.


    So I either pay the $310 to get it fixed (which sounds like its not permanant) or take it to the apple store and get my data and cut my losses.


    Bad thing is, I told him I would just take back the iPhones and the iPods to pay for the repair long enough to get my files and throw it in the trash. He didnt care.


    Good support right there.

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    Looks like they're hoping this will go away now they're over the 4 years - mine went within the 4 years and they did nothing, despite my proving the NVIDIA issue to the "geni".  The damage is already done, like others in this thread I'm off Apple after 20 years of being a ridiculously loyal customer, being involved in large scale academic purchases when Appe was on the brink.


    It's worth noting HP extended their warranty OVER THE 4 YEARS, and we'll see how the latest class action goes - here's hoping whoever's responsible for the handling of this debacle gets found out - note to the mods before you delete this post as well, this is not ranting, this is simply referencing the simple facts elsewere in this thread.

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    Hello all,


    I purchased my MacBook Pro 13" August 31st, 2011.


    On November 3rd, 2012, my logicboard died. 


    My computer cost $1200, and lasted exactly 14 months.


    Apple, how can this happen. Just spoke with Customer Service, won't let me purchase applecare effective immediately.


    It's my fault that the logicboard blew after 14 months, 2 months out of warranty. **** me for not purchasing a $300 insurance warranty on an already $1200 computer. I can't believe this has happened, $128 billion dollars in sales from 2011, including $1200 from me. Now I'm left in the middle of a University semester without my laptop, of course broke, and a company that is not willing to budge for their own awful product. I used to love Apple, and love my MacBook. But this is a harsh lesson that it's nothing special. You pay for the brand image and ego boost. What good is your 'Amazing' computer when it's literally on a time bomb. On the phone with Apple, such errors and faulty products are almost the norm. They expect it. What the **** have I got myself into. A $1200 lemon, brick, useless laptop. Thanks apple, for safeguarding your Empire from people who suffer much more from your faulty products than you'd ever imagine. There's no human aspect at Apple anymore. They are a cruel and expensive business. Cost of your computer, plus a $300 insurance is the only way you can make sure your computer even makes it through 3 years. Mine lasted 14 months, safe to say I will never buy myself or advise anyone to ever purchase from Apple again. Or at least severely warn them of the risk their taking.


    Rant over

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    Ps. Those were not even curse words in the above rant that are starred ^ Thanks apple, for making it appear a lot less classy.

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    I feel your pain. Similar thing happened to me. You buy a high end product because you expect it to last longer and function better than the lower end competitors. In the case of Apple, this could not be further from the truth.


    I have a relatively new MacBook Pro that won't boot and a 10 year old HP that boots just like the day I bought it.


    Apple should fix the issue under their flat rate $280.00 repair fee for products that are no longer under factory warranty. That being said, you can just about buy a comparable PC for that price.


    Even as a brick, you can sell it on eBay for a few hundred bucks and use that to buy another laptop, cut your losses from Apple and never buy another of their products. Eventually this will all catch up to them.

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