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  • tywebbOOOOO Level 1 Level 1
    Try an unconditional reboot.

    When starting up from power button, hold control and command buttons simultaneously.
  • nigel17 Level 1 Level 1
    I have had the strangest experience with my Macbook Pro 15", which dates from 2007.

    Had the symptoms of a faulty logic board - flickering screen which needs restarting, and a frozen clock. Only way to deal with this is to restart. This is a sure sign of logic board or video card on the fail, but the whole unit needs to be replaced, expensive.
    Fortunately i found out about the NVIDIA recall scheme and the original was part of the faulty batch. Thus, although out of apple care they still replaced it for free.

    I have now had the board replaced 4 times, yes FOUR times. Exact same symptoms. Just picked it up today and the Tech Tool test shows a video card fail. So it will now need board number FIVE.

    How on earth is this possible? I thought this was an exceptional thing to happen but each consecutive board failed, or else - they fitted faulty or reconditioned boards. Apple S.P. claim that the boards were new.

    Once would seem unfortunate, twice careless, but five times?!

    Anyone have a clue about this?

  • Keith Walsh Level 1 Level 1
    Just a quick update. Dropped off the mbp at the AASP today . They normally charge $45 to determine what the problem is but when I told the guy which machine I had he said they get so many of these with failed logic boards that he would not charge me to check it out. He also agreed that Apple's position on this issue is just not right as virtually all these machines fail.
  • avanpelt Level 1 Level 1
    Robert Stone wrote:
    This is very odd that I have had this issue as well just today - my wife used the MBP, no problems, no drops or damage - then closed the cover as usual to put it to sleep. Then upon opening it again it does not wake, steady "sleep" light and restarts to no avail. No target disk mode. No startup chime. What gives? We're all having the same issue just about 3 years after purchase. Anyone out there with any success at reseting this - how about anyone who has replaced the backup battery on the logic board? On prior Macs funny things sometimes happen when that fails...

    I had this exact same thing happen to me two and a half months ago on an early 2008 MBP. Computer went to sleep during the night, came in the next morning and the sleep light going on and off like normal. I tried to wake up the computer by pressing keys on the keyboard but it wouldn't wake. I held down the power button and the sleep light turned off. I pushed the power button again to turn it on and nothing happened. No screen, no chime, nothing. Took it into an Apple Store and they determined the logic board failed and they also replaced an "I/O cable".

    The guy at the Apple Store told me one of the tell tale signs that the logic board is going out is sometimes problems with the iSight camera. I mentioned to him that in the year prior when I was on Skype calls, every few minutes the iSight green light would turn off on its own and then turn right back on. It was annoying, but I lived with it. He said the logic board was probably the culprit. In the two months since I had the board replaced, I've had no problems with the iSight camera turning on and off and then all of a sudden, it started happening again yesterday. I'm one month away from being out of AppleCare on this laptop. I'm going to monitor it for the next few weeks and if it gets worse, I'm taking it in again before AppleCare runs out.

    There's no way I'm spending another $2,700 to get a new laptop when the machine I have is fine except for the logic board problems. Now, if Apple wants to own up to the logic board issues in the late 2007/early 2008 MBPs and give me a $1,000 or $1,500 credit toward purchasing a new one, I may seriously think about it. Otherwise, in my opinion, a laptop that's well taken care of should have a longer lifespan than two and a half to three years.
  • Keith Walsh Level 1 Level 1

    You should take it in or at least call Applecare and get a case ID for this problem so that if the issue escalates you can correctly tell them you reported the issue.

    These machines have many logic board failures so your situation is far from unique.

    I'm in the process of dealing with this issue right now with Apple and my local AASP. I'll report back when I get my MBP back but I will say I have been able to get a resolution to my problem.
  • marysplacestudio Level 2 Level 2
    My MacBook Pro, early 2008, just quit—same symptoms as reported here... went to sleep, won't wake up, no bong, no pic, etc.

    Obviously, Mac has some bad logic boards...
  • Robert Stone Level 2 Level 2
    Try repeatedly zapping the p-ram - if you get a startup bong it is likely the Nvidia problem and will likely be covered...
  • Austintsi Level 1 Level 1
    Well I had my first Logic Board Failure but it wasn't like what everyone else is posting on here. A couple of weeks ago I noticed my screen would go fuzzy for a moment and then go back. Once I even had to restart it to get it to fix itself. Then a week ago last Sunday it did it once again but wouldn't correct the problem. Took it in the "Genius" ran a test and said it looked like bad ram as it got to that part of the test and the screen corrected itself. So he sent it off and it came back yesterday and when I asked what was wrong with it they told me it was the logic board. That it was covered under a law suit with the graphics card maker (didn't matter I had the warranty still in effect). So...not sure if anyone else has had a problem like this or not.
  • Aldwin Arcega Level 1 Level 1
    How about the ATI graphics? I have the old macbook pro late 2006 with ATI graphics on it and won't start. The disk seems working, but noo display, no sign of life except the light on the lid. Any suggestion on how to solve this?
  • marysplacestudio Level 2 Level 2
    Turned out to be the logic board... tech said it wasn't the video card, which is covered on an extended warranty. Bummer.
  • Frank Mulder Level 1 Level 1
    I bought mid 2007 my 15" MBP ( also a 2.2GHz) in The Netherlands. I got all the symptoms of a broken logic board. I am currently residing in Oman, which doesn't have an official Apple Service Provider. Apple Support website doesn't provide any information how to get in contact with Apple when living in Oman, the website redirects me to the site where you can select the country you are looking support from (and which doesn't list Oman). Also the Dutch Apple telephone number is not reachable abroad.

    Does anybody have a suggestion how to get in contact with Apple when living in Oman?
  • Jim_M. Level 1 Level 1
    I have run into the same problem. My Macbook Pro started to flicker and freeze up about a month ago. What I read seemed to suggest the issue with the NVidia card and it was confirmed after I took it in to be serviced. They said they would replace the logic board for free. I just wonder if they use a different type of card in the new logic board, or if I'm going to have the same problem in another 3-4 years.
  • Manniebarnet Level 1 Level 1
    I've now joined the knackered MacBook club!

    2008 15" MacBook Pro.

    For 2 and a bit years I only used it at home for music, iMovie, browsing etc. but for my current work contract I needed to provide my own equipment, so I've been using my MacBook Pro with no problems since Christmas.

    Took it home on Tuesday evening, got it out of my bag to use it. Now I may have tempted fate here, as I turned to my wife and said "I'm loving using this at work". Opened it up, latch LED on, but wouldn't wake. Turned it off by holding power button for 5 seconds, turned back, twitch from the dvd drive, hard-drive spins, fans work, but no display. Swapped hard-drive for my old 250gb, swapped memory for previous ones, still nothing.

    I have a "Genius" bar appointment this afternoon. I'll report back afterwards.

    In the meantime I'm using a £280 Acer which I bought for the kids. Seems to do everything pretty well. Does make me question spending nearly £2000 for a replacement Mac!
  • tjk Level 7 Level 7
    Mac OS X
    Hi M, and welcome to Apple Discussions.

    Make sure they test for the NVIDIA issue. Repair is free if it qualifies.
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