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    My early 2011 17" macbook pro lost two out of three usb ports two weeks after warranty. As you probably already assumed, apple doesn't care at all. They want to charge me full price for a new logic board. I emailed Tim Cook and had a Mr. Li call me back. He was gonna have an advanced tech call me and do a remote system test. That was months ago and I am still waiting for Mr. Li to respond. I think the logical way to stay away from Apple junk is a Hackintosh. If I didn't use Final Cut X I would be gone. Sorry Apple but not this time. When I bought my custom 17' laptop, you officially got my LAST $3000+. I am officially done. Thank goodness for Express/34 USB cards.

  • lenn5 Level 4 Level 4

    Call Apple Customer Relations.



  • edutainer2 Level 1 Level 1

    Thank God I read these before I purchased Macs for my classroom. Came so close to throwing away a lot of $$$ on crap machines. I am sad Apple has this attitude about their customers and their product use to be a great product with superior customer service. Bye Bye Apple

  • Mac.C Level 1 Level 1

    People. I am having a hard time with a MBP 13' early 2011. After wine spilled , i cleaned it carefully, replaced the keyboard but when I try to start it up, but there is no video, or any type of sound . I reset the memory modules and also tried it without memory but there is no beeps code or  keyboard backlight. I tried to remove and reconnect all the parts once but still have the same problem. From reading another forum it seems it may be a video chip error or a unknown logic board failure. At this point my biggest question is.. do i need to replace the whole logic board?( which is expensive and would probably mean buying a new computer)  but is there another way, or is there a possible solution for this that other techs or users have mentioned?


    Thank you, I appreciate any comments or suggestions!

  • Tom Herman Level 1 Level 1



    A classroom is a pretty rough & demanding environment!!


    You are likely better off with low-to-mid price Windows machines.  Less upfront expense & easier to repair when they are inevitably broken or wearout.    Wider choice of software, too.

  • Poikkeus Level 4 Level 4

    Wine is roughly like a soft drink spill with a MBP, and the damage is difficult to gauge. This link is entertaining and informative: to-handle-the-aftermath/


    In other words, be systematic and thorough, and don't expect success. There's actually a chance of success with revival of an uncomplicated logic board, but wine complicates the situation. In any case, post here with your results.

  • Mac.C Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks Poikkeus!!


    interesting article, basically its what i did but not sure if i wait 3 or just 2 days. After trying all this i still in the same dead point , i can turn it on , can hear the HardDisc spinning , but no audio or image on the screen. I have doubs about cleaning it again but not sure. if i can ask there is any type of specific brand or solution to clean the whole logic board in a better way? or should i try send it to a logic board repair service ? an which is a nice fee?

  • Brian Rule Level 3 Level 3

    Well this is just great, This last weekend I opened up my 2008 MBP after it had been sleeping and no go.  The computer will not power on as others here have mentioned, and the genius confirmed it is a logic board failure.  And, of course, this happens just a couple weeks after the replacement program ends. 


    *****, as this is my main machine.

  • Poikkeus Level 4 Level 4



    If it's a minor spill, and you're pretty sure that it's mostly dried up, you can begin to do the cleaning. It takes some time for a MBP to dry out completely, and some have waited as long as a week to open the machine.


    In cleaning, you have to be systematic, and expect that the unit won't work, anyway. Since you probably have some wine on or in the logic board, you'll have to clean everything there - and underneath, if necessary.


    The only way you have a chance of it working is if everything is as clean as you got it in the mail. Especially, clean the solder junctions, since that's where the current flows.

  • Poikkeus Level 4 Level 4

    Brian Rule,


    You may not know, but Apple has an extended warranty policy for certain vintages of this machine. I strongly suggest you read ALL of this material for a possible solution:



    You're a good candidate for a "heat gun" treatment. It sounds like the solder is old, and may profit from reflowing the solder.

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    It's worth noting that Apple get around this extended warranty by saying that if you've had your board reflowed, then it is no longer warrantied, however because they refuse to accurately diagnose GPU/solder issues and constantly simply direct people to undertake financially pointless repairs for 'dead logic boards' so that you will have to reflow your board to prove that the problem is indeed GPU-related.  By this time you are out of the extended warranty CATCH 22.


    IMPORTANTLY - a simple reflow will only work for a few months on a Mac (it's a waste of money) - get one of the proper GPU-replacement services that 3rd party companies are making a living out of while Apple denies it all blindly  (it's still far, far cheaper than a new logic board which you don't need).  Only saying this out of bitter, long drawn out experience.  This is not a rant - there is no need to delete this post, it is fully factual, useful advice (the last comment also from experience).

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    On another note, these two threads together (the other being have now exceeded the quarter of a million views - surely someone at Apple cant have failed to take notice of this and be coming down on whoever set up this 'diagnose everyone with dead logic boards at ridiculous prices to save Nvidia the price of repairs yet stuff our own customers malarky)   Let's make it half a million!

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    Brian give Apple Customer Relations a problem. Sounds like it could be a defective NVidia GPU like most of us. And since your computer won't boot the GPU most likely fried the logic board. Some people have gotten Apple to repair the logic board even after the NVidia extended warranty.

    If not I believe a new logic board for the early 2008 MBP 15" is around $310 in the U.S.



  • jos888 Level 1 Level 1


    I have a MBP 2009 and suddenly it stopped working April 2012, it was giving me a blank screen ...soo i brought it to a nearby Apple Store, i was told my warranty has lapsed a month already ( ends March). but they still took my MBP in and replaced it with a new logic board..they do good service..i hope you are going to approach an apple rep who is compassionate..good luck in your repair problems...

  • felixw93 Level 1 Level 1

    Chiming in with another data point-- I had a 2010 15" out-of-warranty MBP with the same symptoms (randomly crashing, not starting up, optical drive whirlling), and when I brought it to the genius bar in August 2012 they thought it was a HD failure. They recommended replacing the hard drive for $200, which didn't work. When I went back they wanted $600 to repair the logic board. At that point I just walked out of the store.


    Now I'm down $200 in addition to sitting on top of a lemon. Has anybody been in a similar situation and can offer advise? Otherwise I hope Apple sees this, however unlikely that may be...

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