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    So I went to the Genius Bar and he ran the diagnostic on my 2008 MacBook Pro to confirm that yes it was the Nvidia issue that was causing the computer crashes. He told me the program was finished in Dec and the part would be approx $500-600 plus there would be labour and taxes BUT he went and saw his manager and he said he could discount 20%. Wow, what a generous offer to fix a defective part they sold me for full price... Anyways I asked about a discount on a new machine and they said 10%. Not happy with Apple anymore and certainly not recommending anyone upgrade their Macbooks so they last forever - its a shame as everything else runs great. What is tragic is that part of the reason I bought the computer is my friend told me the good thing about Macs was that they can last a long time and are really worth the extra dollars. I guess not anymore....

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    I posted my experience on here just tonight & they deleted it. I received an email about why it was not Posted. I guess they thought it was too detailed & too much of a rant. But I feel your pain. I too am Not a Happy Camper!

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    we need an independant website to post these experiences

    so future customers don't have to go through such hardship

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    apple ***** big time

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    I agree!

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    I JUST bought and will have it up SOON!!


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    Call AppleCare and ask to be transfered to Apple Customer Relations. Tell them what happened at the Apple Store.


    Many people have posted in this thread that Apple Customer Relations has fixed their problem.

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    I guess I'm confused how some people are getting this issue taken care of by Apple & others are not. It makes no sense. I've been reading through all these posts & I can't believe it. It's like a Lottery. I wrote a letter to the top person at Apple, knowing he'd never read it, but his office would have to deal with it.They called me back the next day, but the reason for them not fixing mine was because I bought it in 2007. It's beyond 4 the year limit & considered "Vintage". No where in the documentation on Apple's website does it say your Mac has to be bought in 2008 or newer. It mentions my exact model & year as the 1st Mac covered in the list. It still makes no sense to me & leaves me disappointed with a very bad feeling. Go here to see the Link.


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    I agree 100%  that Apple should have a consistant policy no matter if you go into an Apple Store or call Apple Customer Relations. Apple could learn alot from Costco on this subject.


    My feeling on the Apple Store is if you want to buy something, take a class or your mac is under warranty go there.  If your inquiry goes beyond these things then call Apple Customer Relations, not AppleCare.

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    I have been waiting for Al Li to get back to me about an avanced tech remote login. It's been about 5 months (he went on vacation). I only hope my issue that went from 24 days out of warranty to now 10 months (waiting for response) doesn't affect my free repair (I hope, but don't expect).


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    hi everybody


    apple has deleted all your posts because they are guilty


    please edit your metatags so you can be found




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    they hope you will forget about it

    and don't realize that the majority of the people has to work very hard

    to buy such an expensive toy which does not work properly

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    Glad to see this thread is still going - I'm one of the original 2008 NVidia GPU issue people, but if logicboard issues are a real problem for others, then I'm happy to see it aired.  I'm just posting to see how many views this (one of 2 separate identical) threads has now - it was well over the quarter million between the two last time I checked.  I've been throuroughly badly treated by Apple and am another 20 year plus user who has had input to numerous academic deparmental purchases when Apple needed the support in the 90's.


    Edit - excellent - this one alone is not so far off the quarter of a million mark, so between the two we should hit half a million disgruntled Apple users soon.  You know if Apple even just came out and admitted it had messed the handling of this up, it would go a long way to making me consider sticking with this OS, but when you consider how cash-rich they are and that the issues were due to the Nvidia cards anyway, they should should just come back to all those with the effected 2008 (and around) machines who have an already registered complaint and receipts and do the right thing, rather than pushing them to the class action.  They would have saved so  much in the long run.  This is not a rant - just a description of ther wider issues of this thread, there is no reason to delete it- it outlines simply the facts pertaining directly to the title of this thread.  Thanks.

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    I wish I had an Apple Store to go to. There is not one for 350 Miles. They have 2 Apple Authorized Service Centers & they are really their own entity. They have no authority to make any Apple desisions, unless contacted by Apple. I always try & get hooked up with an ER Person in Corporate. Trouble is that most ER people seem to just know Policies, not any Technical Information. So like my situation last week, the ER Person gave me misinformation, telling me that Apple will fix it for a cheaper price than the Authorized Service Center. So she connects me with a Technician & he says, "We can't fix it! Apple does not fix vintage products". So then the Technician calls her to let her know & then I get her back on the phone with her & she says "Apple won't fix it because it's vintage". Acting like she had already told me that in the 1st place. But she never did. That was the reason she hooked me up with the Technician in the 1st place. Now I'm thinking I'm in the Twilight Zone! Am I having a bad nightmare? Bottom line is there are a lot of people working at Apple who are misinformed about these sort of issues. I don't see any reason why they will delete this post. It's all what took place. But I'm sure it will.

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    What is "ER?"

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