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    Read my posts! I did the same as you. Email to Tim Cook. They basically told me my Macbook Pro warranty of any kind expired after the 4 year mark. I bought mine in 2007. So the ER Person at Apple told me, because it's older than 4 years, there was nothing they could do. Basically she told me go buy a new Mac, but offered me No Discount or Voucher. No where in the following document does it say my Macbook needed to be under 4 years in age. In fact the document lists my exact 17" MBP. You need to read this & go back to some posts & read. It's like the Lottery. Some People Won, but most Lost. Here is the Official Document from Apple:

  • laura_jb Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks for your reply & yes I'm from the UK


    Did you buy your computer from that particular Apple shop? Did  they readily offer you a free repair? And did they do the Nvidia test, if so what was the outcome?


    I tried approaching an Apple shop, in which a genius said it'd cost for a repair. And it's only after emailed 3 times and talking over the phone that I managed to get the free Nvidia test done (they usually charge). However now they have blamed the logic board, and say it's not a Nvidia problem, so there's nothing else they can do.

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    I bought my mbp from the apple store online which meant I could take it back to any of their retail outlets. What actually happended with me was the same as your story, it just died on me, then I did research online and found out about he nvidia issue so I booked an appointment online for a genius at the Covent garden apple store as that was nearest one to me. To be honest I was just going there to try my luck and see if I could get a free repair even though I was out of their 4 year time frame..... I wasn't very hopeful as I knew I was out of the time frame. So I went there, told the genius that I thought it was the nvidia issue (black screen, blinking light at front, DVD drive spinning) I couldn't even boot from my copy of snow leopard discs so knew t wasn't the hard drive. He got out his nvidia USB diagnostic flash drive and tried it but of course nothing. He was actually agreeing with me that it was a logic board failure due to the nvidia. HE then told me about the sales of goods act in the uk and that although I was out f the 4 year time frame from apple , by uk law I had 6 years from the date of purchase and as I had purchased it from apple and they as the retailer were responsible to fix it at no cost to me! The way he was talking he had seen it many times before. Anyway took a week for them to fix but they did it at no cost to me. Now when I use it I use SMC fan control to keep the fans revved higher than normal to keep it cooler. Sooner or later it will go the same way again as they only replace it with the same chip on the new logic board. Like I said give it a shot, book an appt with a genius at an apple store, go armed with knowledge of the issue and you know it's nvidia related and also mention your consumer rights about he sales of goods act and your 6 year cover. There's no guarantees but you have nothing to lose. It's worth a try! Let me know how it goes for you. By the way they should NOT charge to run the nvidia test so I don't know why you were told this!

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    I think you got very lucky with the staff member by the sounds of it!


    I originally tried making an appointment at an Apple store. I told the genius how I was aware of the Nvidia problem and he said he couldn't say either way whether it was, but it was likely a problem with the motherboard and that it'd cost me £400. He didn't offer any tests to confirm this. It was only after that appointment I discovered the Sale of Goods Act, and that's when I took my complaint online. It was the Apple ER that told me it usually costs for the tests but on this occasion the shop had agreed to do it free of charge. It's Apple that after the Nvidia test "confirmed" it's a problem with the logicboard, and not the Nvidia graphics card.


    I suppose I could always make another appointment at an Apple store with a genius and hope I get lucky and a sympathetic staff member. And if they try fobbing me off, then try talking to the manager (I'm not a very confident or pursuasive person though, and hate any confrontation). Or I could try contacting the ER guy again and telling him I wont accept "it's a problem with the logicboard and the Nvidia isn't faulty" as a good enough answer. Or even to question the Apple Re-seller when I pick up my laptop. However with them telling me it's a logicboard problem and not Nvidia, then what should I be trying to demand or ask for as the next step?

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    I would suggest going to another apple store see a genius, if no joy ask for the manager saying you know it's an nvidia issue, if your still getting fobbed off then inform them you will be going to the  financial ombudsman and actually do so! He may be able to resolve it for u as a last resort. ;)

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    And if possible don't go to a reseller go to an actual apple store

  • StinkyOldC Level 2 Level 2

    I think he staff member had seen this problem many times before and from the start he could see he knew what I was talking about and it's a very busy store (what apple store isn't?)

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    We all know the reason the logic boards failing is because the nvidia gpu is frying the motherboard, apple know it we all do lol. I actually said to the genius I know it's the nvidia issue , it was overheating, I was getting graphic artefacts before it died (I wasn't lol) and its obvious the nvidia chip is frying the logic board seeing as its soldered onto it. I also told how at the same time of buying the mbp which cost me £1500  I also bought a cheap hp £250 laptop what's still going strong to this day! It's unacceptable for a machine of this"quality" and price to die like this! Of course smth like a hard drive failure etc is understandable but something like this nvidia issue what kills the machine is not! And certainly not for the premium price you pay for the privilege of owning a mac:p

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    The Nvidia test they do doesn't cost a thing. More misinformation by uninformed Apple Store Employees or AppleCare.The test they run is just on a thumbdrive they insert into your USB port. If the logic board is toast then there is no way for the test too run. The only way they could possibly diagnose the cause would be to open it up and have a senior engineer examine the dead logicboard very closely.


    Also, a quote of 400 pounds is outrageous. Here in the States the Apple Store is asking $310 to replace the logicboard.


    Like someone else mentioned you very well could find a different Apple Store employee that will be on your side and fix your mac. It might just take some doing finding that person.


    Good luck Laura

  • Anic264b Level 1 Level 1

    If only they provided a link to download this diagnostic tool… After all, manufacturers provide their drivers on their website, that's about the same thing.

  • StinkyOldC Level 2 Level 2

    the tools no good if your logic boards dead lol

  • Shootist007 Level 6 Level 6

    No Computer manufacturer supplies In House, Upper Level Tech Support, Diagnostic software for Download. Completely different from any Drivers offered.

    Anic264b wrote:


    If only they provided a link to download this diagnostic tool… After all, manufacturers provide their drivers on their website, that's about the same thing.

  • Anic264b Level 1 Level 1

    Well, at best it's a shame. There's surely a way to code our own…


    However, if the graphics card is dead, but not the logic board, one can diagnose that using the Caps Lock key (which will still work).

  • StinkyOldC Level 2 Level 2

    the graphics gpu is soldered onto the logic board on these particular 2007-8 models which means when that frys your logic board fries also

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    there is no right or wrong

    all is good

    electronics are a new way of manupilating the masses

    I don't want to become a cyborg

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