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    Having read everyone elses posts (thanks to all who have shared their experiences) I'll be calling apple customer service on Monday as I bought the machine direct from apple store and see if they will relent due to the Sale of Goods Act (i'm in the UK).

    Failing that I think i'll contact trading standards as it is clear Apple became aware of the issue on 2nd July 2008 but continued to ship affected models (mine was ordered 7th September 2008) - i'd urge any UK users to do similar as trading standards may be able to enforce product recalls.

  • macssam Level 1 (0 points)

    I have done this long time ago

    it's the best solution

    as stated before the pc is just a time killer machine

    where I live business is not done on the internet and not even by phone
    people talk to each other

  • James Hunt4 Level 1 (0 points) lained/

    Is aimed at retailers but provides a pretty comprehensive overview of UK statutory rights. I'm thinking selling an item you know contains a chip with a high likelihood of going bad, but not informing the consumer, breaks both the 'item should match the description' and 'items should be of satisfactory quality' parts of the contract.

  • Bear grabber Level 1 (0 points)

    Doesn't really address the issue of poor quality manufacturing aside from not using the technology at all.  Here's to flat earthers everywhere.  I for one love the modern world and this amazing technology. 

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    Does anyone know if when Apple replaces the MBP logic board the magsafe adapter is also replaced? Ever since I've gotten my MBP back with the new or refurbished logic board I've been having problems charging my MBP. It will charge for a while then the orange light on the magsafe cord starts flashing. I've tried 3 different magsafe chargers and they all do the same. I've even tried removing the battery and running just off the charger. Runs ok for a while then computer shuts down because no power. So it seems at least too me that it's not a battery problem.

  • Shootist007 Level 6 (16,660 points)

    You need to take the system back in as something isn't right. It is not the Magsafe, it is the logic board they installed.

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    I have a 2010 Macbook Pro 13inch bought mid 2010 and after a mac update on Friday the macbook is now dead after speaking with the local rep. i have to replace the complete logic board.........


    This is my second machine of which my last macbook pro 17inch failed when just under 2 years old with a bill of just under £1000 pounds...


    i am totally frustrated as this is my 9th or 10th purchase of apple products.. but i will now start looking at other laptop options as i cannot justify another £6-700 pounds for a fix of a product that is still fairly new...


    i am going to see what options apple have for me and will keep you all posted.

  • Shootist007 Level 6 (16,660 points)

    To the poster that had his post removed which would of been just above this one.


    Logic boards fail for a plethora of reasons. With Apple Mac it seems more so because they solder the CPU and GPU, if there is a GPU chip, to the logic board. With that soldering, have you ever looked at the bottom of a CPU Many Many pins/connection points, any one of those solder points go bad and you have to Replace the complete logioc board including both the CPU, GPU and anything else Apple solders to the board that other manufacturers use Sockets to connect them so they can be removed and Reused in the new board.


    Apple's way is great for space concerns but very bad for repairs. Now with the Retina models, where most everything is either soldered onto the LB or glued in the case parts it is going to be a Nightmare and EXPENSIVE for those owners when they fail. And they will fail.

  • Anic264b Level 1 (20 points)

    And this is not only a money problem. Having to replace all components because of just one, that's a waste of material. Are the working components even reused in another card?

  • lenn5 Level 4 (2,530 points)

    I guess that's one of the downfalls of the public wanting the thinest and lightest laptops. Upgradable and replaceable means larger and heavier.

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    Failure of the logic board should not occur unless there is an inherent design flaw in the product. PERIOD! Go to ""  and review the steps necessary to replace the logic board. There ain't a whole lot of room in that thar 'puter. With that being said, does anybody have an idea of exactly what fails on the logic board? A resistor, diode, one of the many chips? Does it fail due to expansion and contraction of electrical components? Does it fail because of a component overheating. My MacAir still works, but runs like crap, so it's not a complete logic board failure, only partial, which means only part of the logic board failed, but which part?


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    cheap components get bloated from overheating

    overheating occurs from bad design

    my 10 year old g3 was still working with bloated components ...

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    I have same problem after updating SMC 1.6

    I think Apple maybe will make new update which fix this problem.

    If you'll install 10.6.4 you can apply in future some updates. I could help you. But only then Apple make new update.

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    just wanted to add mine to the thread. My 2008 MBP 15" failed last week. It started with lots of vertical lines appearing randomly on the screen, got worse and worse and then started rebooting. The reboots got more and more frequent, rebooting after only a few minutes of starting up. Now it just reboots continuously from the grey apple screen. Won't stay up long enough to start the hardware diags. I'm assuming this is the graphics chip failing given my symptoms. Decided it wasn't worth the cost to replace the whole logic board, so will be selling it on ebay for parts.

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    Just a dumb question. I have a MBP circa 2011 feb. I have had a logic board replacement. The computer is now 2 years old. I started having the same if not worse issues after like 1.5 years where the screen blanks out and gives danecing black and white ants like the Tv used to do it in the old times with no reception. Every time I wake the computer from sleep it does this for 5 to 10 min before turning to normal. It takes me opening and closing the screen several times. This only happens on the monitor attached. The laptops screen is normal. So my question is could this be the 3000 intel onboard video or the 6570 amd video. Also if the onboard video is on the CPU could apple have made the mistake of changing the wrong part? They should have changed the CPU. I also had CPU errors. So it may be the onboard GPU which is part of the CPU/GPU not the logic board. Now the MBP is way out of waranty. The issue I take is that if Apple fix the wrong thing they should fix the right thing with the warranty being out. Thet should have changed the CPU or the other thing is how likely to get two bad logic boards. The other thing is I did not attach it to a monitor for a long time so it might have been broken the day I picked up. It is a shame that Apple has so many issues. I bought a g5 laptop for my friend on Craigs List and Also Mac pros that are 8 to 10 years old and they still work. Also on this same laptop I had a hard drive go bad 1.5 year into ownning the lap top. The most abuse it received was me having it on my lap while riding the CTA bus in Chicago. The bus rides rough but my thyes should be plenty of cussion for that. This is rediculous that a $2800 dollar lap top should be so bugged. Shame on Apple


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