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    This rating does just apply to this forum.


    I didn't wanted to offense you, however.

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    Anic264b wrote:


    This rating does just apply to this forum.


    I didn't wanted to offense you, however.

    I do remember but wonder why you edited your post.

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    Because English isn't my native language and the way I built my phrase could be interpreted worse than my thoughts. I finally gave up with the idea.

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    Well the final word is the logiqboard failed. Disappointment yes, bigger concern the Mac store had it back in my hands within 24 hrs. So if I were a synic I would have to conclude it's a common failure. In either case they got the extra 347.00 for apple care out of me. Again, I did not begin this post to make apple sauce. It took a huge leap of faith. not that I am a hater but because I just and over the building rebuilding reactivation crap. I am a believer always have been! But like everything I get involved in something and... stocks are on the slide for apple, home prices are going back up and my 401 is still in the toilet.

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    the TBD utilizes the descrete graphics card only, and there is where the issue lies. If you google nivida MBP there is an intresting Utube bout a co in Fla who will fix your issue for 250.00. Seems the soilder flow machine coupled with cheap soilder (high lead content) guess from where? Got any childrens toys fro china? So lead being as soft and plyable as it is. Repeated heating and cooling cooks off the other metals and leaves... well lead. not the best conductor in it's natural form. Needs more tin and cooper. oh last time I checked soilder requires 600 degrees to liquidifly with a 60/40 mix. See the problem.... 70c = what 208 f guessing why would heat be an issue? Bring the jobs back to America and let Americans do the job correctly based on Ca union wages I don't forsee anyone jumping off the building due to work condition issues. And then the price would = the product.

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    Happy that I found this thread.


    I have a Macbook Pro 15" mid 2010 with which I had no issues so far. Last week I noticed that when I wanted to preview a movie file in finder, the whole screen froze except for the mouse cursor and the music continued to play in the background. For 20-30 seconds, nothing in the screen is clickable or moving. After that it worked fine, until I tried to preview another file.

    I didn't pay attention to the issue, until today when the problem showed up several times.

    After consulting 'console' I noticed the following Kernel:



    kernel[0]: NVDA(OpenGL): Channel exception! exception type = 0xd = GR: SW Notify Error


    A bit of googling showed that there seemed to be a problem with the Nvidia graphics card (330) on the logic board.


    I was shocked to read on the apple support pages (TS4088) that Apple would service the device without any costs if it would be within the 3 years after purchase. Shocked I was, because my date of purchase was 21-04-2010 which meant today was the last day! I immediately called the Apple store in my own country, but they advised me to go to a Apple store or official service point asap, as I would not be in time for a service earlier. I went straight to an authorized service point (abroad) and explained them my problem, and now my Macbook will be serviced, as I could reproduce the fault in the store and show them the TS4088 page. Hopefully they will call me later next week with an update and with good news about replacing the logicboard, which is apparantly the best option in this case.

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    May 8/08 MacBook Pro 17 was diagnosed today by Mac Authority as having failed logic board.  The very helpful tech said that Apple had acknowledged there was an issue with the original boards that have since been replaced with a 2nd gen board.  He also said -- as was written here in June 2012 -- that Apple paid for the repairs for 4 years from date of purchase.  Meaning, or course, that I was out of luck. I realize I have had the unit four and a half years. HOWEVER, if it has been determined there is a manufacturing defect in the board, I do not undertand why Apple (which I'm sure charges back the maker of the board) doesn't fix it at no charge to the customer.


    AND ... once it was determined to be a defect, why didn't Apple issue a "recall notice" as car manufacturers are required to do?  (That is a rhetorical question -- we all know the answer. $$$)


    My 2 cents -- that will most likely fall on deaf apple ears as I pursue it. Despite the fact I started a business a few years ago and dropped 20k on apple comouters, monitors etc.

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    Try giving Apple Customer Relations a call and explain your situation calmly to them. They have helped some people on these boards in similar situations.


    Worth a try.

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    I have this problem in Colombia, but I didn't buy this computer directly from Apple, I got it as a price from a competition, I have the papers I was given with the computer, box, etc. I don't know the original date where the machine was bought. Any idea where to get it?


    Do I need to be the "original" owner to get this fixed?

    Anyone else with this problem got this fixed for free in Colombia? where did you go?



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    I have very recently had my 13" Macbook Pro stop working. I have taken it into an Apple store and they have informed me that my laptop has a faulty logic board. I am very shocked that a laptop, that cost me £999 in October 2010, can have a fault that they have quoted £391.20 to repair! Unfortunately I chose not to spend the extra £199 to extend the warranty to 3 years. I figured it would be better to get insurance that would also cover theft and accidental damage. Of course, like all insurance companies, they have found a way out of paying for the repair. My current policy started 1 year and 2 weeks after the purchase date of the laptop and the small print says that "Any laptop insured must be less than 12 months old at the start date of the insurance."


    I can't believe that a well established company, such as Apple, can sell equipment, at such a high price, that can have such a short life expectancy. I chose to spend the extra money on an Macbook Pro under the impression that I was buying a top of the range product that would last me a very long time. I am extremely disappointed and sad that I currently have no laptop and will have to save up the money to repair it. I certainly plan to write to Apple directly to express my unhappiness with their product.

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    To continue....


    MBP 15 late 2007 failed logicboard, etc. Replaced for UKP 500 - lasted 4 months and only guaranteed for 3 months. Replaced by MBP 13 two months ago (the one with the DVD slot, 750GB, 8MB RAM and not a mention of NVIDIA anywhere).


    I had a problem with the migrated/imported iPhoto so thought I'd better start again. Got out the old MBP and pressed command T instead of just T. Nearly fell off my chair when the thing started up and the normally black screen came to life. Not in Target Mode but actually working. Switched off and restarted the correct way in Target Mode and sorted out the iPhoto. Although I knew what the answer would be, I had to try! I restarted the MBP and - yes, the screen was black again. Presuming the "new" GPU has had it, why did it fire up again - if only once? Is there a chance that something is loose somewhere or has it really gone again?


    One thing I did notice was the temperature. While I had a screen to look at, I noticed the GPU Diode temperature was at 60C and increased to 62C as I watched. The fans were running at 3000RPM (they are set at that). The casing was physically hot (well, more than warm) to the touch. I particularly noticed this as my new MBP 13 casing has been ice cold since I bought it with the highest internal temperature at 40C.


    To Silasjoel: Sorry to hear you have joined the club. I note that your MBP has an NVIDIA logicboard:

    NVIDIA GeForce 320M graphics processor with 256MB of DDR3 SDRAM shared with main memory. Not the same as our 2007/8 failures but you have to wonder at the design/manufacture of anything made by NVIDIA.





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    Hey Guys,


    Looks like a few of us are having some bad luck, now that includes me..  My mid 2011 Macbook Pro 8.2 with the AMD Radeon HD6750 1024mb GPU has just given up on me.  External monitor dropped out and on re-boot could only get it to work in safe or verbose mode, without the external screen plugged.  This was becuase in those modes it was switching back to the Intel side of the GPU, but as soon as I'd load a program that required it switching the AMD side of the gpu, or plugging in the external monitor (basically engaging it to switch) it would just freeze or the screen would just go black.  So I've taken it into our Apple service agent who's kindly given me a $1500.00 NZD quote for a failed logic board ($1100 for the logic board itself), at which point I dam near had a mild heart attack.  So I've contacted Apple and had a coidial, but very frank conversation, that for a laptop less than 2 year olds that cost nearly $4000 to have a catostrophic failure like this is not good enough.  I am going to give Apple the chance to come to the party on this and am happy to keep you all updated.  If they don't, New Zealand has a very good commerce commission which takes a dim view on products that aren't fit for purpose even when outside of warranty periods.  So there we have it, the ball is in Apples court and I hope they do something with it, if not I'll be exploring other avenues.

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    don't buy chinese apples

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    macssam wrote:


    don't buy chinese apples

    Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 2.53.20 PM.png


    They look pretty good to me.

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    Csound1, greetings;  May one purchase and consume pyrus pirifolia?



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