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What I'm looking for is a cheap 3rd party remote that I can have Apple TV2 learn so that I don't continue to be at the mercy of the teeny-tiny Apple Remote which has already fallen prey to my toddler (lost) and my clumsy hands (broken).

Ironically I'm looking at an old Xbox remote since it's 4 bucks and free with Amazon prime shipping.


Has anyone tried pairing this remote with the current Apple TV? Does it work? Any other cheap alternatives out there?

Thank you!

Macbook 13", Mac OS X (10.5.7)
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    The remote that comes with AYV2 does not have to be paired. Try borrowing an ATV2 remote and then use any IR learning remote (maybe the one that came with your AV receiver) to acquire the commands...... then give it back before the kids get it. :0) Hope this helps
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    As mentioned, any universal type remote that has IR learning can be programmed. Don't need to pair.

    You may find the Logitech Harmony remote is a good fit for ALL your devices. You program it via the computer from their online database of devices and it will know all the commands for all your devices.
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    You actually don't even have to have an IR learning or universal remote. The Apple TV will actually do the learning from your remote rather than the usual other way around so you can use the simplest of remotes.
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    Hi all,

    Thanks for the replies. I realized I confused my question in a few ways.

    Specifically, I made a mistake using the word "paired" when I just meant that I am looking for an inexpensive IR remote to have Apple TV learn as several of you have recommended above.

    For those reading who don't know about this feature it's explained here:


    Now I went ahead after writing my original post and ordered the Xbox DVD remote because it was so cheap and also IR but ... it doesn't work, the Apple TV doesn't pick it up at all.

    So again (hopefully I'm more articulate this time): *I'm interested to hear the names and model numbers of some simple remotes that folks have used with this feature.*

    I found this old MacLife article:


    that lists an old Sony DVD/VCR remote that worked for them so I might track down that on Amazon or Ebay but if there are any other suggestions out there I'd appreciate hearing them.

    Eventually of course, I'll get an Iphone or Ipod touch and install the remote app, but financially that's still not in the cards for me for a while.

    Thanks for the help!
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    Here is a link to an article and blog. The blog contains several remotes known to work. The PS3 is interesting. It is from 24 november 2010 on Tuaw:


    This should help.

    Once you get and iTouch/iPhone/or iPad and use the trackpad gestures instead of buttons thought......you'll be hooked on it.