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So i have a early MacBookPro (2,2). 2.33 GHZ core duo, 3GB RAM, 256MB VRAM. And a canon HV30 that i shoot with and use as my HDV/DV capture deck. It used to work fine. I could capture with a few low power processes in the back. But recently, no matter what I do, my processor starts choking and spiking out after a few minutes of capture. Even when i turn off every running process i can think of.

I'm not positive, but i think it began happening around when i upgraded to Snow Leopard.

I know my computer has enough power to handle it, and enough throughput to drives (my drive is on a separate bus than the camera) because it once captured fine.

I've run every gd clean up and diagnostic trick i can throw at it. Even clean-installed my system and it still can't deal. I've also had some other weird processor spikes mostly related to video/photo apps since SL upgrade that i never saw in Leopard.

Anyone else having issues like these? Any ideas anyone? I thought SL was supposed to handle processing better than Leopard It's really hurting my business as i have several clients who work with HDV (even though its a pain in my arse).

Thanks in advance

Maybe the work around is to make another systemk with leopard on in and run FCP and my Pro apps from there

MacBook Pr0 2.33 intel, Mac OS X (10.6.5)