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not sure whether someone also came across this problem, but it bugs me quite a lot after receiving my new iPhone 4 with 16 gigs.

I previously had a 3GS with 16 gigs and it could fit my whole iTunes music (approx. 1.200 files) and my whole iPhoto photos (approx. 7.000) on it, and I still had some 2,4 GB of storage space left.

That´s why I decided to go for the 16 gig iPhone 4, thinking that I still had enough space left for the near future.

Only that now the iPhone 4 won´t sync my iPhoto library, as it says there´s not enough space on the iPhone. As I understand it, iTunes doesn´t reduce the photos as much for the iPhone 4 as it did for the 3GS. On the 3GS the space used for photos was at 4,8 GB, the same library on the iPhone 4 wants to use up something like 13 GB.

Is there a way to reduce the file size for the iPhone 4? I searched for settings both in iTunes and in iPhoto, the only thing I could find is to do with SD videos, but nothing I found with regards to reducing photo file size.

I am quite angry actually, first of all I am stuck to the 16 GB iPhone 4 for 2 years now, as I bought it via a mobile operator, and second of all, while I appreciate the Retina display, I don´t need such a high resolution on a smartphone.

I can´t imagine I am the first person to run into this problem from upgrading from 3GS to 4, how do other people do this?

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    You're not the first person to run in to this problem. There are several posts about this exact problem that you could have found by searching before posting.

    From the threads I have read there is not a way to reduce the file size of the pictures that are transferred. I don't know if reducing the resolution of the picture on your computer (which will result in a smaller file size) and then transferring would help or not.
    You didn't mention how long you have had the phone but at least in the USA you can return or exchange the phone within the first 30 days after purchase. This would give you the option of getting a 32 GB iPhone 4 or going back to the phone you previously had.

    I hope this post helps resolve your problem.
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    Photos are scaled to the maximum resolution of the device, which as you know is 4 times larger on the iPhone4. Your photos will take up to 4 times as much space, give or take, which is exactly what you're seeing (it's less because jpeg compression is non-linear)

    You can either manually scale a copy of all the photos in your iPhoto library to 320x480 and sync that to your iPhone, or reduce the number of photos you sync.

    If its less than a month since you bought the iP4, you can return it, and get the 32gig version, if you prefer.