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How do I disable mouse acceleration, I don't want any.


mac mini 2010, Mac OS X (10.6.5)
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    Wow, that's really shocking :o I'm used to computers that allow you to customize them they way you like. It never even occurred to me that mac would be missing such a basic feature as the option to not have mouse accel.

    Has anyone here successfully used a 3rd party or hack method of turning it off?

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    See if this fits your needs.

    Mouse Curves for OS X

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    can set the acceleration to zero.
    "You can set the cursor movement to behave like in Windows if you configure the value of the Tracking Speed to 0."
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    Thanks Mort, that does fit my needs. Finally my mouse doesn't feel like molasses half the time and like someone is yanking it away the other half of the time.

    I realize that I could get used to the mouse accel eventually, and I know why mouse accel is technically good. And if the mac was the only computer I was going to use then I would just keep it. But I run a PC as well, and I don't even have window's mouse accel there because it ruins my aim in games.

    So to frequently go back and forth from mouse accel to no mouse accel would be really annoying since I'd need like two different muscle memories to deal with it.

    To anyone else finding this thread looking for the same thing, I set my mouse curves mouse accel to -6 and my mac mouse tracking to about 40%. Keep in mind that when you change the mac mouse tracking setting it undoes what mouse curves did, so you have to go back into Mouse Curves and re-set your setting there.

    Also, I looked into SteerMouse and it costs $20, but more importantly I'm pretty sure from what I read that it doesn't support the new magic mouse with the touch pad gesture stuff.

    Thanks guys!