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I had acquired a macbook pro from craigslist. It worked fine and still under warranty. The trackpad did not work. That was the only issue. I was fine using a USB mouse for the time. It was a good deal, so I didnt mind. I then ended up not needing it and sold it to another person on craigslist. I fully disclosed everything I knew about it. It is obviously very easily to be proved it is under warranty. However they took in into a mac authorized repair place and they took it apart and said their was water damage.
Basically he is saying he has printed off record from a mac store showing I was denied repair for this issue. I never tried to get the track pad fixed what so ever. So he either had an "authorized" mac store print off some lies or is bluffing. I would just like to get actual history of the machine for my records. He is now taking me to small claims based on I sold the macbook pro under false information. I listed it saying the track pad non working and said you could send it in under the warranty to get it fixed, he signed a bill of sale as is. I disclosed everything I knew about the machine. If I had known it had water damage I would have cleaned it up and replaced the track pad myself.
Any input?

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    Sorry to hear about the problems; however, these are user to user forums - you'd have to check with Apple re. a repair history; you could also go to an Apple store and give them the serial number asking if they could pull up the information.

    If what you said is correct, I would guess that the owner you purchased this MB from is the person not disclosing the cause of the damage and I would certainly contact them. Since you have a bill of sale which states "as is", I'd think you'd be in good shape.