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I have a new Ipad and Office:mac 2011 and external DVD drive (Macbook Air). Can I install Office:mac on the ipad?


Ipad 2010 model + 3G, iOS 4
  • Tom Gewecke Level 9 Level 9 (74,955 points)
    No, you cannot install anything on an iPad (or iPhone or iPod) except what you can download from the iTunes app store.
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    No - only apps that are available in the iTunes App Store may be installed on the iPad, and Microsoft have not produced an app version of their Office suite. There are apps available that perform similar functions (e.g. Pages, Keynote and Numbers from Apple) though they won't be as sophisticated as you find on a pc/mac
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    Besides the Apple Apps mentioned by KP, there are also 3rd party apps that function as Office Suites: Documents to Go and Office(squared) are two of the most popular.
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    I really like office suites: docuements but cannot figure out how to transfer files when not Wi-Fi connected to my idisk. Tried in itunes but they seem to get lost. any ideas?
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    Do you mean Documents To Go? It has a built in function for this, but you'll have to download the (free) program for your computer. Check out the website dataviz.com for instructions and the desktop program.

    You can also use storage apps like Office Box, but they can't edit a document and save it back in DropBox (you can edit and save it, but it makes a duplicate file instead of changing the original DropBox file).
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    This also means u can not get a free 30 day download of iWork, right.
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    Correct - only apps/programs within the iTunes App Store can be installed, not any actual software that can be installed on a Mac. Apple have instead created separate app versions of Pages, Numbers, and Keynote which perform cut-down functions of their iWork counterparts, and they have to be bought before being used - there is no trial period.

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