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Hello everyone,

I lost my Game Center app (most likely deleted originally upon opening from box), is there a way to get this app/function back ? I recently updated to the iOS 4.1.2 and thought it might just show up there again but to no avail...:( Any iPhone brainiacs able to help with this issue ? Searched the store also, but not in apps apparently.

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  • roaminggnome Level 10 Level 10
    You cannot delete it.

    It is likely on another page or in a folder. Have you checked?

    You can try a screen layout reset as well.

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    Thank you for trying to help me with my issue roaming...

    Ok...i just did a home screen layout reset. Still not there. Did a search in the iPhone for Game Center, it only gives options to go to the web.

    Looked on my saved apps in iTunes...nothing.

    Previously also, did a backup from one of my earliest saved snapshots...still has not showed up...

    Also, sorry, iOS is 4.2.1 currently, build 8C148.

    Any further advice would be much appreciated. Thanks again !

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    Sorry folks, don't mean to be a pest here.

    Was just wondering if anyone could tell me if this issue currently has a fix to it once i have upgraded my iOS on my phone. (re: missing game center app)

    A gold start to anyone that can get me some progress ! lolz