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Since i upgraded to 4.2.1 on my ipad its gone very slow on web browsing,in the url pane it just freezes.
I spoke to an apple genius and he said to close everything in mutitasking bar which sound daft to me but when i did try,it made no difference anyway!
Anyone got this problem?

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    I am having the same problem with my iPad since the update. Mail is lagging behind, and the loading bar still thinks it's loading a website long after the entire site has completely loaded. I have cleared the multitasking bar thoroughly several times, cleaned out my e-mail folders, cleared history, cookies and cache in Safari, and have reset it a couple times using the home and sleep/wake button. I have two other ideas which are reset all settings, and as a last resort, restore it and reinstall the software. Should that not work, my only other guess is to talk to a genius (which I have yet to do), unless anyone has any other ideas beyond the 5 R's. This has been bugging me for awhile.
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    Reset all settings just now, it's running smoothly for the time being, but as it has shown before, that doesn't always last. My fingers are crossed and if this doesn't work, I will restore it to factory settings.
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    Well I thought I'd give an update on my findings with this problem. Since the iOS 4.2.1 upgrade, my iPad has required a lot more upkeep and maintenance than it ever has before. Safari is very sluggish and can no longer determine when a web page has finished loading, some apps are crashing, and mail can't keep up with the multitouch gestures and lags behind. I regularly reset it, power down, charge up, clear history, cache and cookies in Safari, have my mail set to erase items in the trash folder from the server after 7 days so mail isn't bogged down...I'm obsessive about keeping it clean. Something in the iPad is not responding well to the heavy software update because my iPhone 4 has had none of these issues, which is odd. I'm not sure what else to do...but I'm pretty sure it may be something in iOS 4.2. If so, perhaps an update from Apple will fix it. If not, then most likely, it's my iPad. I need to get the extended AppleCare on it a.s.a.p.This has me fairly disappointed now, my iPad is one of my most prized possessions.
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    I too have had this issue I dont think its hardware I think its software. I tried all of the suggestions in the forums and finally wiped my ipad completely. restored and did not back up. it started working ok again but sometimes safari locks up and wont respond right away it is really annoying. Like you said the iphone 4 has none of these issues I have one of those too and it just runs smoothly all the time. No one in these forums from what I have read has been able to definatively nail down the culprit for these problems. Also page 170 from the manual does not fix this I get very tired of the posts on that as well.
    You should not have to restore, wipe or reset the ipad.
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    Just talked to a Genius at the Apple Store about this and of course, after getting a few laughs about the "Apple Store effect" where I bring it in and it works perfectly, the diagnostic did show some unresponsive apps, and the information has been sent to Apple corporate. She has suggested the typical fixes, as far as restoring the software, and trying other wireless networks, and suggested that it could also possibly be my wireless network. I told her that would make some sense, since all of our Macs are responding the same way. So not entirely convinced these solutions will work, I will go ahead and try them anyway. If it doesn't fix it, even if I fix my wi-fi, then we'll know it's 4.2.1.
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    Yes, I have the same problem. Since upgrading, my iPad runs much slower. I went into the apple store and asked them why and that I didn't like the os 4 upgrade. She was sooo helpful! She just looked at me as if I was a complete idiot I asked if anyone else had felt the same as I do, to which she said No! And walked away
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    That is not at all the way Apple conducts business. Their retail stores are expected to provide the best service possible with a good attitude. If I were you, I'd think about talking to a higher authority about that person. I have had some "bad lemons" at my Apple Store...luckily they sent me a "How did we do?" survey for that retail experience, and I told them how I felt. I still believe Apple is a great company, but that doesn't mean some of the retail store employees are that great. I am anxiously awaiting 4.3 to see if this gets fixed.
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    Since upgrading to 4.x, I've noticed a lot of slow down and lag with the keyboard and apps that freeze and then close. Wish I could go back to 3.x!
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    ever since i have updated ive heard my ipad playing double of everything im going to the apple store and im going to complain like theres no tomorrow and i have always loved apple because my parents have used them for well over 10 years