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I broke off the end of a headphone jack in the computer. Any ideas on how to get the piece out. It's too far in to grasp with needle-nose pliers.

13"MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    Apply a TINY drop of Super Glue to the very tip of a pointed wooden toothpick. Slide the toothpick straight into the center of the headphone port until it makes contact with whatever is left of the plug. Hold it right there until the glue sets, at least five and preferably ten minutes. If you allow the glue to touch anything else in there, you will have glued the plug in place permanently, so lay off the caffeine when you're preparing to try this very risky procedure. You will need an extremely steady hand.

    Why do I suggest something that so obviously could go very wrong? Because you can't actually make things any worse than they already are. There is no better way to remove the broken plug end even after taking the computer apart, so the only other remedy is to replace the logic board, to which the port is soldered. That's exactly what will have to be done if you glue the plug in place by mistake, so even doing that won't change the outcome or the cost to you, which will be many hundreds of dollars.

    You may want to consider just forgetting about the heaphone port and buying a Griffin iMic, which connects to a USB port and provides both a microphone input and a headphone output, and costs about $40.
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    In case you're still looking for a solution, I agree with the superglue, it works, just did it myself.

    Though I used a gel superglue.

    Also used screw instead of toothpick.

    Actually, I followed steps indicated on a post I found while googling for this. Just did the same as recommended, for what it's worth, here is the link: http://www.zonaapple.com/2010/12/15/como-salvar-su-mac-cuando-se-ha-roto-un-mini -jack-dentro/

    Hope you manage to fix your mini jack port !

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    I have repaired many of these and unfortunately the only successful way to do it is to disassemble the machine, access the inside of the jack and push it out. Let me know if you want more help.
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    An by the way do NOT try the super glue method!!! Those guys may have gotten lucky but every machine I repair where someone has tried that method and failed ends up with a much bigger mess.
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    Hi there,


    Also got a broken end of a headphone jack stuck in the computer...


    Suppose I just want to forget about headphones. How I do I tell the computer to switch back to the internal speakers, with the broken end still stuck in there?

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    With the broken end still in there, you can't. There's a hardware switch that physically disconnects the speakers when a plug is in the headphone port.

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    If you're near an Apple Store, there's a better than even chance that - if it's an easy job - the Experts will fix the problem right there. It's likely that the problem could be fixed without a repair. Not fixing it means you might be stuck using your external speaker.


    If you're inquisitive, and aren't worried about your warranty, you could do the repair yourself - but I'd leave it up to the Apple Store.

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    Take it to the Apple Store! Make a Genius Bar appointment and they will try to do it for you, as long as there is no internal damage it should be free. Apple has AMAZING customer service....use it.

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    How do you get to the headphone port from the inside? I dont want to mess anything up

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    ''I have repaired many of these and unfortunately the only successful way to do it is to disassemble the machine, access the inside of the jack and push it out. Let me know if you want more help.''


    Well, i have the same problem right here.

    But how can i acces the inside of the jack?

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    So, I have discovered a way to remove any broken headphone jack, regardless of how deeply stuck it is, from a notebook, and it is absurdly easy.  This was after thinking I would have to disassemble my computer, or replace the logic port for $500.  Thank god, none of this is necessary, and I implore you to try this method before bothering yourself with any of that.


    Take a pen (a bic I suppose).  Take it apart.  Remove the plastic, skinny, cylindrical portion from the pen (it contains the ink and the tip, along with a long, empty side.  Stick the empty side into your macbook port.  More than likely, it will not fit.  Remove it, and gently mold the opening with whatever you want (I used a toothpick, carefully), a little at a time, while testing it over and over again until it finally is just wide enough to slide over the broken headphone jack, while still remaining tight enough to grip the broken piece with sufficient friction.  Then, push it over the broken piece, and pull it out.  Major WOW factor involved.


    I literally almost took my computer apart after finding out I would need to pay $500.  My dad is the one who discovered this method.  After a full year of having an incredibly deep break in the port and consequently no sound, he had it out in 10 minutes.  Unbelievable.  Don't be a fool and use the glue method.  This is an incredible trick that YOU NEED TO TRY FIRST.


    The apple store told me it was way, way too deep to ever be retrieved without replacing the logic port.  Apple store, you've been owned.

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    This was absolutely genius! I had to put a drop of super glue inside the tube from the pen but then it worked! Thanks so much. I am amazed!