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I recently purchased a Sonos digital music system for my home (http://www.sonos.com/) and have connected it to my iTunes music library. It works wonderfully with all of the music I have ripped off my CD's (about 1100 CD's worth!), but it does not play any of the songs I have purchased in iTunes (30+ CD's and growing). As I've researched this a bit since the Sonos purchase, I see that I can't play the purchased music because of the computer authoritization requirements that come with iTunes purchases. My question is this - is there a way (or will there be a way) of allowing my purchased music to play in my home on my Sonos system (read: streamed from my iBook to the Sonos receivers)? I can't see how this would be a violation of my license with Apple (but I'm not a lawyer ;-)). However, there seems not to be a technically possible way to accomplish this at this point...


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