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My iPhone suddenly stopped ringing, after two weeks of ringing. I have the iPhone 4, Settings: Sound: Piano Riff, no vibrate. I updated to 4.2.1, thinking that software might have a fix. Nope. I then rebooted the iPhone (shut off key and home key) and I got the vibrate back, but not the ringtone. If I go to Settings: Sound, I can hear all the ringtones. I change the ringtone to another off the list and it still doesn't ring. I have changed no settings in quite awhile, and certainly not anytime near the ring stopping. Ideas?

iPhone 4, iOS 4
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    Is the silent switch on the side of the iphone on?

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    I also have this issue. If I restart the phone, all is well for about 24-36 hours. I notice it when suddenly someone calls me and my ringtone doesn't sound. The phone just vibrates. I've found that if I go into the ringtones on the phone while the problem is occurring, all of them have the first 3 seconds cut off. My ringtone is under 3 seconds, so I get silence.
    I also noticed today that all of my songs in the phone play this way as well. Also, none of my protected AACs will play at all during this issue.
    I've been to the Genius Bar, and they found it strange. They did an update of the firmware at the store and had me clear out my .ipsw file from my library.
    I can't see how this could not be fixed by completely replacing the software on the phone.
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    I also have the same issue for the last couple of days - the ringing is appearing from time to time, but usually is not ringing. Everything else is working fine with messages, mails, games, ipod, and other applications.