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All of a sudden I can only get either wi-fi or 2G service from my iPhone 4! It was working last night and all of a sudden I can't send/receive emails, get voicemails, sync, etc when on the 3GS network. I have to disable 3GS and hope on the "E" (2G) network.

Called Apple and said my phone was OK. Called AT&T and they were not helpful. Any suggestions? Has anyone had this happen? Shoot me an email at kc1st@mac.com.


MBP 17" 2.8/is7, Mac OS X (10.6.5), iPhone 4 (late 2010)
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    to be honest these are the solutions that may or may not work..

    first thing I would try is rebooting the phone by holding the sleep/wake button and home button for 15 seconds until you see the white apple logo

    if that doesn't work I would restore from backup and if that doesn't work I would restore as new if all else fails take it to your closest apple store they may replace the phone for a working one..