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BENMCD Level 1 (0 points)
I boot it and get a boot sound and no video feed HELP!

beige powermac g3, Mac OS 9.2.x
  • Appaloosa mac man Level 5 (4,330 points)
    Do you have a video card? If so, remove the card and reseat it in the slot.

    If you have the monitor plugged into the onboard video port, start the computer, wait for the chime and the hard drive to cycle through. When the hard drive stops making noise, hold down the Apple command key, the control key and while they are down, press the triangle power key on the upper right corner of most keyboards. This may jump start the video circuit. No money back guarantee, tho.

    This is called a 'warm boot' and will get around a dead pram battery. If your computer is plugged into a power strip and you do not turn off the power strip, the computer will continue to boot with a dead battery. If this trick works, you will eventually want to get a new battery, although my G3 has gone 11years now with a dead battery. Opinions vary but why mess with a simple fix.

  • BENMCD Level 1 (0 points)
    No I still dont get video But i am using a db15 to vga converter
  • Jeff Level 6 (11,477 points)
    That could explain the problem. Is the adapter that you're using one with Apple's logo molded in the plastic or a third-party device? I always used ones having the set of 10 DIP switches, which after setting them correctly, worked on all of my Macs and VGA (4:3 aspect ratio) displays. Are you attempting to use a widescreen display (16:9 aspect ratio) with this adapter?
  • Jeff Level 6 (11,477 points)
    I bought (4) of this type adapter at a PC show/sale years ago. I've had no problems, but I've never tried using a widescreen display with them. If you have this adapter and need the switch settings, post back for details. Incidentally, you should post future questions about your beige G3 in the dedicated G3 Forum, where you'll find many experienced G3 users.
  • BENMCD Level 1 (0 points)
    What is your dip switch settings i have a db15 on the mac and vga on the moniter where can i get a db 15 moniter free\$5\$10
  • paulpen Level 1 (30 points)
    There are various types of those adapters. You have to play around with the dip switch settings, e.g. resolution, sync mode vs. composite, etc. Start with the resolution dip switches set to 1024x768 unless you have an older monitor.

    Of course, you have to shut down and restart each time you want to try a different setting. (If it's one of the adapters without dip switches, then i don't think it's going to work with that monitor.)

    The ViewSonic adapter i have works set to Sync mode separate and 1024x768 resolution.

    As for a db-15 monitor, very few of those around anymore.
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    I also am using a view sonic converter what are your switch setings and i would like to install os x on it what is the max version i can run?
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    oh and my built in network card doesnt work HELP!!
  • Jeff Level 6 (11,477 points)
    I've used the adapter shown here with various VGA (CRT 4:3) 15"-19" multi-sync displays, and set switches 1, 4, 6, 7, and 8 to the ON position. I can't advise you on the ViewSonic adapter. As for the beige G3 and OS X, you can install up to OS 10.2.x (Jaguar), provided that the hard drive has been partitioned as directed (search Apple's Knowledge Base for info) and that you have adequate system memory (I'd recommend at least 256 MBs). Installing OS 10.3.x (Panther) would require the use of the utility "XPostFacto," available as a free download from Other World Computing. If the computer's built-in ethernet port is actually dead, you can always install an ethernet PCI card.
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    thank you do you sell the adapters?

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    How do I install XPOSTFACTO help and is there a way to dual boot between x and 9.2.2
  • BDAqua Level 10 (122,227 points)
    How do I install XPOSTFACTO help and is there a way to dual boot between x and 9.2.2

    Yes you can Dual Boot still, just download the DMG, mount it & run it... l
  • Grant Bennet-Alder Level 9 (56,607 points)
    The beige G3 can install and run Mac OS X 10.2 without XPostFacto. Under Mac OS X, it can also run well-behaved OS 9 Applications "in a window" using Classic mode.

    If you want to push ahead to install 10.3 Panther, or 10.4 Tiger, then you would need XPostFacto to get the software installed from your genuine, pressed, full retail Mac OS X CD. XPostFacto is a Helper, not a replacement for the genuine Mac OS X software.
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    where can i get 10.2(jaguar)?

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