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My laptop just went throw a major repair and now I'm trying to put all my music back on it. I managed to get my iTunes purchases back into the library.
Now, I just need to get the songs I backed up on two thumb drives into iTunes. But I'm having some trouble.

First, I just drag and dropped the songs from my thumb drive into iTunes. Everything seemed fine until I removed the thumb drive from the computer and tried to play my imported songs. I got a message saying that iTunes couldn't locate the file. In other words, the music only plays when I've got the thumb drive plugged in.

So, I fiddled around until I thought I solved the problem. I found the "iTunes Media" folder within the "Music" folder on my computer and started putting everything in there. Now, I have a new problem. Much of the music is in the folder. However, when I open up iTunes and try and click on a song, I get the same message about iTunes not being able to locate the file. I have to go to that "iTunes Media" folder, click on the song and then iTunes opens up and plays the music.

How do I get iTunes to recognize the songs that I've put on my computer?

Dell Studio 1535, Windows Vista
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    +Everything seemed fine until I removed the thumb drive from the computer and tried to play my imported songs.+

    This is the problem - itunes did not copy those files to the laptop's hard drive. It is still looking for them on the thumb drive.

    My advice is to start over by closing itunes and deleting the library database file.
    iTunes Library.itl

    Restart itunes and go to menu > edit > preferences > advanced tab
    Put a check in the box to "Copy files when adding to itunes". This will make sure itunes COPIES the file to your laptop's hard drive.
    Then add everything back like you did before.

    When you remove hte thumb drive the files should still play since they have not been COPIED to your laptop's C: drive.
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    Well, all the music is now on the C drive, from what I can. I just can't get the music to play when I click on songs in iTunes. They only play when I click on them from the "iTunes Media" folder on my C drive.

    I'm trying to get this fixed so I can start syncing my iPod Nano to my iTunes library without having to go through the option of "Erase and sync."
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    It looks like all the music is now on my C drive. I just can't get the songs to play when I click on them from iTunes. I have to go to the "iTunes Media" folder, click on a track and then that opens iTunes and the songs play.
    Then in the tracklisting in iTunes, I a song track mentioned twice, one with a exclamation mark in front of it and the other without one.

    How do I get the music to play from iTunes and not just from the iTunes Media folder?
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    You have to plug the thumb drives back in, or follow hte advice I said about starting over.

    The thumb drive is where the first entry in itunes is looking for it: on the thumb drive. If you don't believe me, right-click > Get Info on one of the songs with the exclamation point. It will ask you to find it. Say yes you will find it, but then cancel on the next page. On the Summary tab at the bottom it will say something like
    Where: file://localhost/G:/iTunes/iTunes Music/
    with G: being whatever drive letter your PC gave the thumb drive.

    Then when you click on the laptop's copy, that is a NEW, second entry to itunes and it plays since it can find it. Do the right-click > Get Info again and you will see it is on the C: drive.

    You are just going to make a bunch of duplicates, the way you are going about it. Honestly my way is faster unless you LIKE clicking on each file to add it.

    Anyway... it sounds like all you saved was the music file, and unless you saved the ITL database file from before, you are still going to have to erase & sync your ipod.