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If I buy a movie or music on my iPad, how do I manually transfer the movie or music to my computer? It seems I'm forced to sync, which results in me losing the purchased items on my iPad and then all the items on my computer are synced to my iPad. Can't I manually transfer items from iPad to computer, just like I can from computer to iPad? Thank you.
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    I am a little confused by you statement, you say when you sync the itmes get deleted from your iPad and placed in iTunes on your computer. Then you say all items are synced to your computer. The latter implies that the items end up on both itunes on the computer and iPad which is what you want. Just for information, rentals from iTunes can only be on on device at a time and if you download them from the iTunes Store you can't move them to your computer.
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    Here is some clarity. First, I cannot figure out how to manually transfer items from iPad to computer. Is this possible? If this is not possible, then I'm left with Syncing. If I Sync, I will lose what's on my iPad. For example, I have a TV show I downloaded on my iPad. I apparently cannot transfer this manually to my computer. Thus I have to click the "Sync TV Shows" button. When I do this I get the following warning, "Are you sure you want to sync TV shows? All existing songs, movies and TV shows on the iPad will be removed and replaced with TV shows from your iTunes library". This sounds to me like I'll lose the TV show I downloaded on my iPad, right?

    Thank you.
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    Have you tried the "Transfer Purchases from ..." menu item in the iTunes File menu?
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    This did the trick. Thank you very much!
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    Excellent! Thanks for the answer. Amazing that for Apple this was terribly hidden for such an obvious activity to do. Perhaps this was obvious to iPhone users (of which I am not).
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    I have a similar question. I just synced and really have no idea what I did.  Everything I paid for on my iPad2 is now in iTunes on my PC and also on my iPad2 except one movie. 


    One movie transferred to my PC but was apparently removed from my iPad. 


    What happened and how do I get it back on my iPad? If I download it again on my iPad2 will I have to pay for it again? I tried and it said  "You already purchased this to you want to buy it again?  The salesperson in the store said if I accidentally delete something I paid for I can go ahead and download it again, and I won't be charged. Can anyone verify this?


    Also a podcast transferred over to my iPad which I want to delete. I don't see anywhere I can delete this.




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    Where is the File menu?