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Thomas Halenbeck Level 2 Level 2
Hi folks,
I recently ran into the problem, that neither me nor my wife could sync the calendar between our Nokia N78 and our MACs using iSync. Searching for help, I found the following "archived" threads in the discussion forum:


None of those solution helped me, but I was lucky and could solve it my own. Since I cannot continue those old threads, I decided to bring this issue back to present with a new thread. May it is of help for anybody ...

I cannot check "iCal-Sync" in iSync. Error message is given in the subject of this and the old threads. I have a MobileMe account and it was about 2 Nokia N78 smartphones.

I stopped iSync and iCal. Renamed/delete the following directories under <User_home>:

./Library/Application Support/SyncServices

I started iCal again and after a moment all my entries got back from MobileMe to the local MAC. iSync allowed now to sync the calendar as well.

Alu iMac 24" 4GB and several other stuff, Mac OS X (10.6.2)
  • Philip Kalina Level 1 Level 1
    After upgrading to the newest calendar in MobileMe today, I had this same problem, but I was trying to synch my Sony Ericsson W518a. I tried your Solution and it worked perfectly. Thanks!
  • Chequebutt Level 1 Level 1
    This solution worked for me after "upgrading" mobile me cal.

    Thanks for posting.
  • derekbrumley Level 1 Level 1
    I, too, experienced this problem after the recent MobileMe calendar upgrade. After the dust had settled around the upgrade, iCal had replaced all my old local calendars with their new "@ME.COM" versions.

    This apparently provided my smart phone (a Nokia E61, fwiw) with no place to sync any new calendar events that I create on the phone. I solved the problem by adding a new local "ON MY MAC" calendar in iCal. When I next launched iSync, the ability to sync calendars with my phone was restored; but the new local calendar was my only destination choice for events created on the phone.

    I may try the solution described above, just to see if it renders my calendars "writable". If so, it would certainly be more elegant than my workaround.
  • Columbus Level 1 Level 1
    I just tried this option and ended up with two sets of calendars, one as my and one "on my mac". I was then able to sync my phone (Android), but moments later both sets of calendars refreshed and everything doubled! New items that had been put on my phone appeared only once, but still - I can't tell what's real and what's not for items that are updated (ie: moved appts.)

    I restored the original folders, and everything's back to what it was before, but now I can't sync AND everything is gone from my calendar. Maybe I should blame Missing Sync?
  • Vinmar Level 1 Level 1
    Thank you Thomas, this worked with my Nokia N8 which had the no writable calendar error in iSync after upgrading my MobileMe calendar.

    One thing of note is the Personal calendar on my phone is not syncing events via iSync or on Nokia's Ovi calendar service. I'm unsure if this was happening before I did the upgrade as I turned on syncing to the Ovi services today in trying to work around the iSync issue. Next, I'll try deleting the Personal calendar on my phone and recreating it with a test event to see if that fixes things.

    iSync is the most important, though. I use iCal and MS Exchange for work to keep track of events.

    Thanks again,
  • brianhess Level 2 Level 2
    I have the same "no writable calendar was found" error trying to sync a Nokia E72 to my MacBook.

    I don't, however, have an active MobileMe account, and the recommended solution didn't relieve me of the error message.

    Does anyone else have this issue that also doesn't have a MobileMe account?
  • Thomas Halenbeck Level 2 Level 2
    The main role of the MobileMe account is probably the recovery of the Calendar entries. If your follow those steps and recover your calendar entries from somewhere else it propably works as well.
    I do not think it will work if you simply create a addressbook backup. As far as my tests showed, this addressbook backup does "back up" the root cause of the problem as well.
  • SilentSteve Level 1 Level 1
    Have to add my thanks as well.
    I received a hand-me-down Nokia E71x that I hope to use till I eventually plunk down money for my first iPhone this summer. (no early adopter I…)
    I struggled with the "no writable calendar" error for several days until I came upon your simple solution.
    It worked instantly.
  • Nightowl4933 Level 1 Level 1
    Windows Software
    I have a similar problem, but I have a personal phone (which works great) and a works Nokia E6, which doesn't.

    The error I get is "Application closed: Main KERN-EXEC 3" followed by a "System error (-15)" which I assume must be the same problem in the thread - a device can't write to the calendar. My contacts sync perfectly.

    I have both a local (On My Mac) and a MobileMe calendar and, although I can only select the local calendar as a target device, it still won't sync calendar items.

    Did anyone get a solution to this?

    Thank you.
  • Eric in Oakland Level 1 Level 1
    Many thanks, Thomas! This was exactly the solution I needed - worked perfectly for my Sony Ericsson W518a.

    The only additional complication was that before I found your method I had managed to wipe out all my calendar events, so once I knew how to get sync working again, I had to fool around a bit with restoring a calendar backup.
  • redsteven1 Level 2 Level 2

    I have an old Motorola Razor V3.

    I didn't notice that my phone wasn't syncing right for a couple of days. I'm 99% sure it had to do with me upgrading to the new mobileme calendar.

    I tried a bunch of solutions with resetting sync history, but the problem appeared to be related to the fact that the new mobileme calendars (or at least, the ones I had converted over) wouldn't let my phone write to them... iSync wouldn't let me sync my phone unless it had a calendar it could put events on (the events that I made WITH my phone, that is).

    So I simply created a new calendar ON MY MAC (File --> New Calendar --> On My Mac) and told iSync to write phone events to that one. And now it lets me synchronize all my old calendars, too.

    Note: After I synchronized for the first time after this, my phone made a duplicate of each of my calendars in iCal... but they were listed as "On My Mac" instead of mobileme (this was despite the fact that I told it to erase everything on the phone and then resync).
    I simply deleted all the duplicate calendars in iCal and synced again, and everything is fine now.
  • boggy1 Level 1 Level 1
    Yes! Thanks this works for me!

    Create a new calendar "On My Mac" for phone events and all is well.
  • Thomas Halenbeck Level 2 Level 2

    I need to add something to the steps of my initial post, since it was not sufficient to resolve my latest "No writeable calenders found" issue: This time I needed to reset the Sync History plus deleteing/renaming the mentioned directories:


    • Open iSync.
    • Choose Preferences from the iSync menu.
    • Click Reset Sync History.


    I am glad to see that this Thread could help some people!

    Greetz ...

  • Pico2006 Level 1 Level 1

    Yes! Thanks this works for me!

    I syncronized my Nokia N95 and Sony K850i.

    Great and thanks.

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