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Dear all

I'm interested in purchasing the latest version of the MacBook Air (13"). I see that all versions come with 2gb memory as standard but they have the capacity to take 4gb.

I wondered whether we can fit the RAM ourselves after purchase (like one can with an iMac) or whether you have to pay for Apple to fit the upgrade?

27" iMac, 2.93 GHz, Quad Core i7, 12GB RAM, 2 TB hardrive, Mac OS X (10.6.5), 32GB iPhone 3GS, 30GB iPod
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    Both the 11 and 13 inch macbook air have their memory soldered on to the motherboard, so its next to impossible to upgrade them later on.

    I'd suggest you buy a 4gb ram model from Apple Shop if you need the extra memory. My toke exactly 1 week to be delivered.

    Have a look at step 13 in the Fixit tear down of the 11" macbook air.

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    Thank you 88_King, that's very helpful. I will pay the extra to have 4gb memory - presumably I can't buy one 'off the shelf' from Apple? Will I need to buy online?
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    I think some stores have the maxed version of both 11 and 13 inch in stock.
    i.e. 2.13Ghz, 4Gb ram and 256Gb of hard drive for the 13 inch, best to phone the store up if you want to go for that model to see if they are in stock.

    Otherwise you'll need to order online if you just want ram upgrade. I ordered my on Mon, it was shipped out from China on Wed and delivered to my house the next Mon afternoon.
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    Yes - I can confirm I purchased the maxed version of the 11 inch MBA a couple of weeks ago at the Regent Street Branch in London.

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    Funny...everywhere I checked here in the States, all the local retailers had were the baseline models - anything above that had to be ordered from Apple (which is what I did...)
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    Most of the Apple retail stores here in the states have the maxed out versions of both the 11" and the 13". That is the 4gb, 2.13, 256 in 13" and the 4gb, 1.6, 128 in the 11". You cannot vary from the specs as in trying to get 4gb with slower speed or less storage.

    The 4GB is preferable. I like the maxed (ultimate) 13" that I purchased at the Albuquerque store which has maxed 11" and 13" in stock.

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    If i bought a Macbook air with a 2GB ram and want to upgrade it to 4GB. Would Apple upgrade it for me and if so how much would it cost?

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    Akuthebest123 wrote:


    If i bought a Macbook air with a 2GB ram and want to upgrade it to 4GB. Would Apple upgrade it for me and if so how much would it cost?

    Not possible, in practical terms.

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    "Would Apple upgrade it for me?"



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    Wow I can't say that I am suprised but where are some of these guys getting their information from, or maybe some are just plain haters..


    If you have a MacBook Air 13.3" late 2010 model with 2gb of ram YES YOU CAN UPGRADE to 4gb! Take it to an Apple Store and your gauranteed to get your upgrade, or you may have to find an authoirzed Apple dealer close by.


    I got this info from 1-800-4-MY-APPLE.




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    TimeLord84, your information is incorrect. The only time you can upgrade RAM on a MacBook Air is upfront, at the time or ordering it. Unlike other MacBooks, the Air doesn't have RAM slots as such. The very tight dimensions rquireed designing RAM as part of the motherboard, at the time of assembly. Soldering would be required to attempt a RAM upgrade, and it would be a very delicate operation with a high probability of damage to the computer. No Apple Store will perform such an upgrade.


    The two posters above you were correct, and certainly should not be called 'haters' for giving accurate answers to the OP.




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    I think we went through the same thing about a year ago.  There was someone swearing that you could get the RAM in an Air upgraded (after purchase)... and he was adamant about it... but was never able to support the claims.  Just the wording in TimeLord84's post seems geared towards starting a flame war... especially since it was in responst to a thread that wasn't active for nearly two months.  It also appears to be his/her only posting.

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    Don't cry about knowing/not knowing. I was in the Newport Beach Apple Store and the otherwise-very-helpful Apple rep said, "Oh, it's no problem to upgrade the MacBook Air 13 to 8GB... no wait, you're right, it's soldered."


    It even took him 30 seconds to remember.

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    ...today is Oct. 2013 and the BIG money I paid for the 4Gb RAM are overwhelmed by the memory consumption of 'modern' Apps.

    Today I'll say: - if you think you are good with XGb of RAM minimum DOUBLE it! You'll keep your Mac much longer useful...