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Looks like I stumped you guys with my last multi clip question. let's se if I can do it again.

I have two clips (live concert-B&W 16mm film transfers/no audio) of different lengths that I have manually synced to their long lost soundtrack. I want to make a multiclip from those two clips so I add a slug at the beginning and end of the shorter clip to make it the same lenght as the longer clip.

This is the only way I can think of to give the multi clip a sync option (in point) that will work.

I then nest the short clip and the slug(s) to make one clip but no matter how I try the new nested clip and the old longer clip are always different codecs. At least that's what the error message says.

Is there any other way to sync the short and long clips or make a new clip from the short clip and the slug?

Good luck.

BTW If you haven't figured it out yet I am finishing a forty year old concert film shot on three cameras with no sync by students. It consists of hundreds of clips , all of which have no labels or sound. I am syncing each clip manually to a mono soundtrack of the concert. If I have any hair left after this is over I'll be surprised.

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    Sounds like you're doing what's recommended in the Creative Cow tutorial "Setting Up a Multicam Edit - Final Cut Help". If you do a search for that, and watch the 5 minutes of this tutorial, he mentions that all the clips in your multi-cli edit must be of the same frame rate, type, etc. He describes it at around 1:30. If your clips are not of the same codec, then you're out of luck for multi-clip edit. You'll have to do your edits manually.

    I started with FCE, and used to edit multiple angles manually. It's a pain, but it can be done. If you want a few tip on that, let me know...
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    You can not use a nest in a multiclip.

    Export the clip with the slug using "current settings" & "self contained"

    bring that new clip in and use it to make the multiclip.