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I have lost the sound from my in built speakers after using the headphones. I have tried a reset and also turning off and on. The sound works over the speakers for films but for anything else it doesn't.

iPad wifi, iOS 4
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    Then you probably need to send it to Apple and have it fixed.
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    Is the mute notifications switch on ? The button that was previously the rotation lock changed function in 4.2 to be a notifications mute, so if, for example, you are watching a film or listening to music you won't hear email notifications. Rotation lock is now a software function via the taskbar (double-click the home button, slide from the left, and press the button far left; press home key to exit taskbar; repeat to switch rotation lock off).
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    To follow up on the Penguin's comments, you might want to download the User Guide:

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    Thanks everybody, problem solved. It was the lock/ mute button.felt such a fool when I found out!
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    I had the same proble, turned off the rotation lock button, and, voila, everything works again. Thank you VERY MUCH!!!
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    Ditto! I couldn't understand what was going on! You all ROCK!
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    I had a similar problem. I had gone into settings and changed the configuration of the switch at the bottom of the iPad from being a rotation lock button to being a mute button. Then I must have muted the iPad (testing it out) and (having finished playing), I switched it back to being a rotational lock switch. I also played around with parental restrictions.


    Later, I noticed that some apps played sound fine (e.g. ABC iView, iTunes and most games) but most of my toddler apps (not for me, for my toddler) stopped playing sound. I couldn't work it out because the switch down the bottom was rotational lock rather than mute so that didn't help. I forgot that I might have muted it when it was configured as a mute switch. I figured I'd screwed things up with the parental controls.


    Anyway, I figured it out about three months later. What makes it confusing is that headphones work fine and several applications (including iTunes) ignore the fact that the iPad is supposed to be muted.

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    Thanks for the tip. I have been struggling and was totally confused as to why my sound was not working. I remember my son taking my iPad about a month ago and changing my rotation lock to mute. When i got my iPad back i changed it immediately to rotation lock, not realising it would remember being muted.


    Sound is back. Thanks Kelceyp!

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    Me too!  Thanks Kelceyp . . . I gave my iPad and a copy of the iOS manual to my girlfriend to play with (explore) so she could get used using it.  Then, when I got it back - the sound for iTunes songs and videos worked just fine, but all the alert sounds on my 3rd party apps didn't.

    She couldn't tell me what she had done, and I couldn't figure it out (embarassing - hey I'm the "expert") - almost made a trip to the Genius Bar. But when I saw you note I checked the software mute/rotate settings and foud the problem.


    Thanks much!!

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    I know you now have this problem fixed,I too was having the same issue with it today! But I discovered it wasn't my screen lock switch it was my APPLE TV still switched on, when I turned it off my sound on my iPad came back! So a hint for everyone if the solution cannot be found check if you Apple TV is on or off!