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Microsoft Exchange Server 2010:
Exchange Web Services (EWS): Sent Items mailbox:
no 'Bcc:' header in messages sent using Apple Mail 4.4 (1082)

*Steps to Reproduce*

1. with Exchange Server 2010

2. add an Exchange 2007 account to Mail

3. address a message To: someone, Bcc: someone else

4. send the message

5. select the Sent Items mailbox

6. select the sent message.

*Expected Results*

The Bcc: header

*Actual Results*

Data loss;
there is no Bcc: header, no trace of those recipients.


Entourage 2008, Web Services Edition version 13.0.8
does produce a Bcc: header when filing a copy of a sent message in the Sent Items mailbox.

*See also*

Apple Bug ID #8759659
Exchange Web Services (EWS): Sent Items mailbox: no 'From:' header
— an abridged version of that report appears at

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