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hi, for the past couple of weeks ive been getting random text messages from someone who i dont know, is there an easy way i can block this person from making calls or texting me? i'm on vodafone in the uk.

many thanks

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  • Templeton Peck Level 9 (61,397 points)
    i'm on vodafone in the uk.

    Then call Vodafone.
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    Call blocking or SMS blocking is a carrier function. There is no setting on an iPhone to do such. So, contact your carrier to see if they offer such a service(some do, some don't) & what the fee would be(many who offer blocking charge an additional fee).
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    thanks wjosten,
    i did hear that there was a function on the iphone to do this... i guess not!
    thanks again
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    You're welcome.
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    It doesn't have to be a carrier function. My Blackberry did it at the phone level. It simply intercepted the call and dropped it or directed it to VM. Apple could allow this but isn't for some reason. I understand HTC has call blocking. Why not the iPhone?


    If I had known this when I switched I probably would've never bought the iPhone 4. I always believed that Apple had more options and was more flexible. I'm finding just the opposite with my iPhone 4.

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    With the iPhone it does have to be a carrier function. Why Apple does not have a call-blocking feature available no one here can say, but they do not. You can comment to Apple on this if you wish via their feedback pages:




    but at this time, whether or not any of us think it should be otherwise, any call blocking must be done by the carrier.

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    Blocking a number can also be device dependent, so when an unwanted number is added to the phone's block list, the unwanted caller hears the ring at the carrier level and any txt messages or voice messages sent never gets delivered to the phone.


    My Samsung smart phone has this feature and is device dependent. What I can do is, take my SIM card put it in my Samsung device add the number to the blocked list, somehow it registers in the SIM card, unfortunately the iPhone uses a micro SIM and it won't fit in my other phones. I have successfully blocked unwanted callers this way.


    Apple can add this feature in their next OS upgrade, there is no law in any country that says you cannot block an unwanted call or txt getting delivered to your cell phone.


    As of now with the iPhone user, when you receive an unwanted call, you will have contact the police and file a report, get a report number, then contact your Carrier, and request them to change your number, which is a paid service, but then imagine the mess after that, you need to change your phone number with your banks and inform your friends, which is expensive and you cannot repeatedly get your number changed, it's a pain.