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So I was watching a video from itunes, when suddenly it decided it wasn't going to work anymore. I've already returned one ipad because of an odd screen issue. If my warrenty has run out by now, will I just have to buy a new one? I'm depressed now.

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    Manok, what exactly do you mean by "it decided it wasn't going to work anymore"? How did it fail? How long have you had this iPad? Since the iPad has been out less than a year, and it has a one year warranty, it seems as though the warranty has not run out.
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    I was watching the video, and it just turned off, like when it gets low on batteries and needs to be recharged, but without any warning at all. Now it wont even give me the low battery signal when I try to turn it off. It's just dead.
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    How long have you left it plugged in for before turning it back on again?

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    You must have taken your iPad to the low charge shutdown previously from your response so you know what that is like. When mine hits that point the shutdown is very fast, little warning except for the nag dialog boxes that keep coming up below 21% charge. Did you get any of those nags before this occured? Have you plugged your iPad into a wall outlet to recharge?

    You may need to do a hard reset: hold both the sleep/poer button and home button until the Apple Logo appears and they unit goes through a restart sequence. If that doesn't work, have you connected to a computer and used iTunes to see what it says about the iPad? If so, what iformation/lack of info did it give?
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    Usually when my iPad needs to be recharged it does the little loading icon, then shuts off, it was at exactly 21% and gave no warning. It just shut off, and didn't respond no matter what I did I never even got a needs to be recharged warning. However the hard reset seems to have done the trick, thanks I was afraid I'd lost a second iPad.
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    If my warrenty has run out by now

    It hasn't.
    iPads (& most/all Apple products) have a one year warranty.