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I was using my Macbook Pro just fine yesterday morning. I closed the lid and took it with me to my girlfriend's house, an hour later I opened the lid to use it again and the screen was black, not even the sleep light was on. I pressed the power button and nothing. Pressed it for about 10 seconds and nothing, except that the sleep light went on for a few seconds, then started blinking rapidly and then went off. Tried pressing the power button again for different amounts of time, and finally got it the screen to turn on, but it stays white (no Apple logo, just white). I've been searching for different solutions on the net but nothing works.

Seems unbelievable but I bought it from Amazon exactly 1 year ago from yesterday and all the authorized service centers have been closed for the weekend. I really hope they honor the warranty because this seems like it's going to be expensive.

Anyone have any ideas on what this could be before I take it to the service center? This seems different than all the other cases that I've found on the net because my screen doesn't show the Apple logo and doesn't even chime.

13" Macbook Pro (2009), Mac OS X (10.6.5), 160GB iPod Classic Black