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    Good response Lawrence. It's ridiculous these people, who rely on these nice devices, yet are too lazy to figure out how to use them properly. You'd think some people would be motivated enough to use their imaginations to figure out these relatively simple details.


    People love to get on the message boards and waste their time complaining. If someone has a question and needs help, fine. But complaining about a problem that doesn't exist is ignorant. There is almost always a simple solution to a problem. Especially the backing up to both iCloud and iTunes. Isn't it obvious enough that the iPhone can backup to both iCloud, and to manually backup to iTunes? Why would you not be able to? It just seems so obvious.


    This stuff generally just works. I was a Macintosh IT guy for years, but even for non-tech people, the solutions are generally straight forward.


    My advice.. Instead of complaining, believe that there is a solution and you'll probably find it quickly. Works for me.

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    Hey everyone,


    This may help in terms of the apps. If you go to Updates->Purchases (up at the top), you can see all of the apps you have ever purchased on your appleID.


    Now I understand that the next part can be frustrating, but what I did was re-dl all the apps onto a backup of my previous phone. Becaues the backups that iTunes makes a copy of everything except the firmware items, your apps will not be there. But the arrangement or framework  (e.g. grouping of things) of these apps will still be on that backup. That means once you have fully dl'd all of your apps, they will be in the original places they were at prior to a restore/new iphone/etc.


    While this may seem time-intensive, if you are at a Wifi hotspot, you can manually select all of the apps that you want from this list, and just let it dl overnight and in the morning everything should be set.

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    Apple is a Joke

    With the amount of resources and control they have - the backup system should be far superior.

    There is ZERO explanation and functionality given to the user in the iTunes interface of what and where things are being backed up and there should be far more options and automation in protecting and identifying the backups.

    I am allways in constant fear that a restore process will wipe something on the device and you see people who delete stuff all the time - this should never happen PERIOD.

    Everyone forgives Apple for there bad programming and policies when they could do far better.

    I do not have time anymore to stuff around trying to restore and get photos contacts app settings notes and all the other things back and deal with IOS version conflicts etc etc

    If Apple cannot do the job then they should open up the SYSTEM so people can find solutions themselves.

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    I don't know if this is the place to put this, but it looks like maybe someone might have an idea. I just had my iPad replaced and I was performing a restore from backup. Without going into a lot of detail, the problem I have now is that my iPad is stuck with the following dialog box and I can't get it to do anything: 'Restoring from Backup - Your iPad's settings have been restored. Your purchased apps and media will now be automatically downloaded'. There is an ok button, but it doesn't register when I try to click it. There is activity in the background, but the dialog box is over-riding and what is going on in the background will not register. I can't even power it off and back on.

    Does this mean that the restore/downloading is still ongoing?

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    A complete restore can take a long time. I would leave it, possibly even for a few hours.

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    It's easy to get back to the exact way your phone was before restoring, but they don't really guide you through it, which is super annoying...


    1. Restore from backup


    2. After restore is complete, "SYNC" or "APPLY CHANGES"  and voila, all your apps are re-uploaded and in the same folder you had them in before.


    I was freaking out after restoring and saw only one page of factory apps. But once I hit "sync" everything came back.


    Your iTunes remembers your preferences but apparently when you "restore" it's only to factory settings. To get back your extra apps, folders, wallpaper/skin etc.. you have to sync to finish the job.


    Restoring also fixed my original issue, which was my phone having 3GB of phantom data even though I had deleted almost everything off the phone. I was told by Apple tech that it was a known glitch after the 6.1 OS update and restore would resolve it. Was stoked that it worked!

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    in reply to ALLAN SAMPSON post:



    stumbled onto this thread while looking for something else, would like to add my two cents to the w2jo message that "complimented" you (Allan).

    While I would agree that your technical knowledge is unmatched, I would also agree that your approach is ... seriously less than *friendly*.

    When you have to defend yourself for "repeating yourself over and over and over" again, well, guess what this is a forum for HELP - - which you so enjoy giving, WITH UN-ASKED-FOR SARCASM.

    "go get a fisher price cell phone"---- ?? really, that's your answer?

    "all the lights are on but no one is at home"----?? really, that's the kind of heart you have, the message that you wish to send to people who come here SEEKING information and help??

    "reading comprehension needs plenty of work"----?? really?


    The point w2jo is trying to make is that your approach is cutting, cruel, sarcastic, belittling, demeaning, cold, harsh, bitter, to the point of almost being ANNOYED that people are ASKING YOU A QUESTION - - !!

    YOU'RE WRITING ON A HELP FORUM - people are going to ask dumb questions, duh~!


    I'm going to guess that many non-technical people purchased the SMARTPHONE because maybe - - just maybe - - - they are not cell-phone-savvy and maybe they expect a SMARTPHONE to be smarter than it is.

    It's not OUR FAULT that apple software is not perfect.

    It's not anyone's fault that there are words and meanings that do not mean the same.

    Sync does not mean back up and back up does not mean BACKING UP.

    Apple uses some words as verbs, and some words as nouns.

    It's semantics, yes.


    Final point: ever hear the expression, "you can attract more flies with honey than with vinegar" - - think about that next time your pitch forked tongue lashes out at a reader who came here for merely to seek an answer, and all you can do is (yes, spend hours of volunteer time explaining) and yet, manage to throw in more cuts and swipes and insults... than one came here for.

    Your information and knowledge is important to us, obviously, however more obvious is your lack of expertise in ... how shall i say this... you do not have a pleasant bed-side manner.

    Perhaps that is why you enjoy dishing out the cutting words from behind a compter screen rather than face to face as if Apple had a walk-in help desk ?? God help us....

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    Good article. If you deleted notes, contacts, messages have not been backed up. You can recover them with this tool.

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    i have switched iPhones lots of times for upgrades, warranty replacements etc. Usually iTunes does a flawless restore for me but the last 2 times i have done a restore it did everything perfect except the apps. i admit i have around 150 apps but it missed about a third of them. i just go to app store on iphone, click on the purchased button then choose 'not on this phone' and reinstall the ones i want. it's not perfect but it works. it would be great if a future iTunes release fixed this. it is suppose to emember where the apps go as well but for the ones it didnt restore it doesn't seem to remember their location either. i have started periodically taking screencaps of my pages and folders cuz i really like to have everything the exact way it was.

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    I don't know why there are 10 pages discussion of something, but problem is very simple, and solution again simple.

    PROBLEM: no matter of your options iTunes will not put programs which you bought directly from iPhone to your Backup, and will not transfer to your new device. So if your "Apps" in iTunes is empty all you will get after recovery to new device is nothing (at least programs). If just some apps isn't here but exist at iPhone, you will not get this apps in new device. Even if you sync device.

    SOLUTION: you just need to right click to iPhone and select "transfer your purchases"


    Dear Apple, that is very weird. What is a reason not to transfer all the stuff bought at iPhone when i push "Sync"?

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    Okay, wait! So, my question is.. After "restore backup," what do I do? HOW DO I VIEW EVERYTHING? I restored my backup because I wanted to be able to view deleted messages, but it's like nothing happened. I waited 20 minutes for the whole process just to see that my phone is still the exact same.

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    Syncing does not save data it only transfer media/content from iTunes on the PC/Mac to the device. If you wish to save content that is done multiple ways:


    - back up

    - transfer purchases

    - importing


    And in regards to some of the posts here and anybody who may be new to this thread and start reading, a back up does not save your Apps only the App Data it is clearly stated in the article


    If your apps are being saved to iTunes it is not because of the back up if you read top centre of iTunes it will say Transferring Purchases. The details of what transfer of purchase involves can be found here


    When you restore from back up and the apps start transfering to the device this is not the process of restoring from back up this section is where iTunes syncs the purchases back to the device.


    Do not back up your device assuming the purchases from the iTunes & App Store will be transferred to iTunes on your PC/Mac aswel as this is not the case for everyone. You must be sure of what content is being saved and if you are unsure of what is stored in a back up then the article I provided will show exactly what is stored in an iTunes back up.


    Hope this clears up any questions people might have

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    Last Modified: Aug 13, 2013 states:

    iCloud and iTunes can back up most data on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

    Backed-up information includes purchased music, TV shows, apps, and books; photos and video in the Camera Roll; device settings (for example, Phone Favorites, Wallpaper, and Mail, Contacts, Calendar accounts); app data; Home screen and app organization; Messages (iMessage, SMS, and MMS), ringtones, and more. Media files synced from your computer aren’t backed up, but can be restored by syncing with iTunes.


    Last Modified: Apr 23, 2013 states:

    iTunes can back up your settings, Messages, Camera Roll, documents, saved games, and other data. Backups do not contain content synced to the device, such as movies, music, podcasts, and apps. 


    Since I haven't done it yet the reality of the situation is unclear. Apple's website currently contains two active pages on its site which produce contradicting information resulting in confusion.


    According to the page most recently updated, iTunes backup does restore apps and app organization. This makes me happy. I will be ecstatic if it actually happens.


    P.S. I am very surprised that Apple, arguably the most relevant consumer goods company in the world, would not have their site pages updated.

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    i backed up my old iphone5

    i wiped it. i tried to restore from my new iphone 5 because its stolen 

    it did not restore my apps or my music or camera roll or sitting or contact ... Nothing

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    I backed up my old phone via icloud and on my PC. I changed over to a new iphone and synced it with itunes-restored it.

    I had to manually add my apps and think I had to add my contacts manually as they didn't come across straight away. but NO messages-SMS,imessage whatsapp or Viber came across.


    Why is this?

    I am pretty sure I've backed up my new phone now thinking everything was there so does that mean my messages are gone forever?

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