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My first problem was originally that the Apple Mobile Device service wouldn't start whenever I had my iPod Touch 2G connected. While troubleshooting this problem [I've followed multiple guides to fixing it and still get the error], I found out that whenever I connected my iPod, it actually shut itself off regardless of what I did before connecting, even restarting my computer [my OS is Windows 7].

So I uninstalled iTunes and EVERY Apple-related program I could find and reinstalled it, along with restarting my computer between the uninstallation and reinstallation. Now, it won't show up in iTunes at all. However, the Auto-Play menu pops up, the iPod itself indicates that it's charging, and it can be found with no problems in My Computer. I've checked my services list and the AMDS is STILL turned off

I have not had this problem before; in fact, it was actually working just earlier today, showing up in iTunes and letting me add my music to it. I hadn't installed anything new or changed program settings, either.

Can I get some help with this ASAP?

iPod Touch 2nd Generation, iOS 4
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    Welcome to the discussions,
    did you try to set the Apple Mobile Device Service Startup type to Automatic, like explained here: http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1567
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    I got the same problem, with my Ipod touch 2g. but if i try to put the apple mobile device startup on, it isnt there.
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    My Daughter's IPod touch purchased in December 2009, is not showing up in the devices list. In fact it is not detecting devices at all. When turned on the IPod shows a graphic of a usb connection and arrow and an itunes icon. It was working fine until 3 days ago when she hit reset on itunes and now her IPod is not recognised. I have uninstalled and reinstalled itunes and still no joy. Can anyone help please?
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    Connect in recovery mode, shown here http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1808
    Make sure the ipod is charged before you start.
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    @Ingo2711, Actually, the AMDS was ALREADY set on Automatic, each time I installed iTunes.

    I'd also tried uninstalling and reinstalling iTunes in the exact order the Apple Support pages show, but I still end up with the same problem.

    A few days ago, I reinstalled my computer operating system (thankfully everything I needed was backed up), and that seemed to completely eliminate my problem, but today, I came across the EXACT same problem again. I plugged in my iPod (which was updated shortly after the reinstallation to 4.2.1 from 4.1), and after a short while, I noticed iTunes hadn't opened. I opened iTunes myself and got the error message about the Apple Mobile Device Service not being able to start!

    I checked the Services and guess what? The AMDS was still set on Automatic, just turned off.

    However, if I connect my iPod to any other computer in my house with iTunes, it'll open with absolutely no troubles.

    If I try to follow the Support guides on starting the AMDS manually, it stops itself whenever my iPod is plugged in!
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    i reseted my ipod 3g and it crashed and wont even show up on itunes or even start anyone know what to do ?
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    did you try to create a new user account in Windows and see if you can connect without problems?
    Don't forget to disable autosync before you connect.
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    @Ingo, I always have the autosync disabled since I don't always want to sync my iPod, just charge it some times.

    As for the user account, I went with a quicker alternative and tried connecting my iPod to iTunes on another computer in my house. I was able to connect it on three different computers, just not the one I'm using personally.
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    TornZero wrote:
    As for the user account, I went with a quicker alternative and tried connecting my iPod to iTunes on another computer in my house. I was able to connect it on three different computers, just not the one I'm using personally.

    Try again to use a new account on your computer, if you can sync with your new account, you know that your problem might be a software or USB driver conflict on your usual account side.
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    I'm thinking the problem was my antivirus. I use Norton 360 but it never conflicted before. I uninstalled Norton and did a full reinstall of iTunes after I found another comment on it possibly being the problem and haven't had the issue since. I'll wait another few days and see what comes up.
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    Also check this help article: [iTunes for Windows: Troubleshooting security software issues|http://support.apple.com/kb/TS3125]