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My wife and I were both using our Mac as a single user, but logging into iTunes under separate iTunes accounts to download our own music and apps.

This week I set up a new User Account in her name, and transferred all music and apps to her User Account so she would be able to access and sync on her own account, just by fast switching, rather than logging into iTunes each visit.

When she plugs her phone into the iMac to sync via iTunes, she gets the following message:

*iTunes could not sync information to the iPhone " " because another sync client is already running*.

Anyone had this problem and found a solution ?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    I believe this stems from having iTunes running in the other account when you FastSwitch to the other. If this is NOT the case, perhaps the device needs to be REMOVED from the original library before it can be used in the new one?
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    I recently had this same error message problem with my 3GS. Here's everything I did, one of the steps solved the problem...

    1. Restarted with the phone unattached.
    2. Repaired permissions using Disk Utility.
    3. Restarted the phone. Here's where I had some difficulty: After swiping to confirm the shutdown, the screen went black, and I had the spinning icon that wouldn't go away. I ended up having to hold the lock and home buttons down to force shutdown the phone. I powered it back up, and it took forever to start, but it eventually did. I then power-cycled it one more time, and everything was back to normal.
    4. Started up iTunes. Go into the preferences, and under the "Devices" tab, I found my previous backup. I deleted it.
    5. Plugged in the phone, and everything was normal. iTunes made a new backup, so the sync took awhile, but it was successful.

    Good luck!