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    Thank you, didn't work the first time. Then magic

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    That did the trick for me! Thanks for the tip!

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    That made it work Thanks

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    The video was paused at the end of a movie rental and wouldn't show the player controls. I double clicked the home button and swiped left to reveal the iPod controls. Here some people could press play and pause but it didn't work for me. I pressed the AirPlay icon (even though I didn't watch the movie in AirPlay (since its digital-rights-managed)) and now I got the AirPlay screen instead of the black movie screen. Clicking the AirPlay screen revealed the player controls and I was able to stop the movie.

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    worked for meee




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    Hi, I have an iPad 1 (purchased in 2010, thus she's an elderly tablet).  I was trying to watch a video earlier today and my screen went black.  Now I cannot watch any movies at all.  I have searched Google multiple times now, and tried all the tips offered.  I tried to use the search button to watch a movie that way, but no dice.  I have tried pressing the Home button and the Power button at the same time in an attempt to reset, but it never works.  All I get is the red slider button to turn the thing off.  Is there a particular technique to get the button-pressing to reset and not simply shut off?


    No matter what I try, the screen comes up black. What else can I do?  I can't do a full restore right now, as I am away from home and do not have access to my laptop.  It will be a boring plane ride home.  Does anyone know why this happens?  I hope I can fix it at some point.  Everything else on my iPad works fine. 

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    Double click the home button. On the icons at the bottom swipe finger right to get the iPod controls. Mess with the controls. Try the AirPlay icon. Switch it to an AirPlay device if you have one. Tap the black screen to see if the player controls appear. It worked for me but you might not have an airplay device.

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    Thanks... It worked!!

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    The black screen happened to us after downloading Wreck-It-Ralph in HD.  I tried many of the other solutions offered, but this was the only one that worked for me.  I couldn't do the swipe to the left from the home page and type in the movie - that didn't work.  It just had the same black screen.   


    Thanks thecapn.  My 4 year old is back to watching her movie. 

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    I had a black screen and I powered down and cleared it. Don't discount it because it did not work for someone else.

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    I use AVS Media Player, it plays pretty much anything. And It is free.

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    After you do what this post says, then re-download the movie that froze, and it worked for me.

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    Thanks.  This fixed the problem for me and it was super easy! 

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    thanks so much - this solved it for me! so simple

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