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Hi guys, I have a new mac mini connected to my panasonic plasma via hdmi. Everything is working fine just one problem is really annoying me...I am getting the audio output from the tv and I can control it through mac but at the loudest setting its still kinda low. What i don't understand is why can't I up the volume from the tv remote? I turn it up, down, mute...it has no affect on the audio. It is only controlled from the mac. Any ideas?

Mac mini 2.66 server, Other OS
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    you need a converter box. "dvi/hdmi to hdmi with audio converter" will return some possible solutions to the problem. I am having the same problem. You may also be able to go "vga to hdmi with audio". The more expensive converter boxes use one input cable and one output cable to carry both signals. All converter boxes will have a scaler to convert video to proper resolution for your tv, some even go as high as 1080p.