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Hi there,
I acknowledge that there are probably umpteen questions the same but, I want to connect my Macbook to a Television, to show powerpoint presentations, watch movies etc, i have put some links to show the equipment that i've got so far from research that may work.
If they are fine or if any of these wouldn't work together then could you tell and advise me on what components would be more suitable. Or what i should look out for when looking, e.g. the television's connectivity.


This would help alot, Thanks, much obliged.

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    Hi mb, and welcome to Apple Discussions.

    The first link, DVI to HDMI, will carry your video from the Mac to the TV.

    Unless I'm missing something, you do not need the mini-DVI/DVI adapter.

    You will also need to connect the audio from your MBP to the TV.
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    Thanks for your comment, do you have any idea what that part may be?
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    mb_010 wrote:
    idea what that part may be?

    The easiest (and I suspect the cheapest) would be a 3.5mm stereo mini-plug to RCA (also known as "composite") adapter (assuming your TV has RCA inputs). If you get a short adapter-only with the 3.5mm stereo-mini plug on one end (plugs into your MBP) and female RCA jacks on the other, then you'll need a longer cable with male RCA connections on each end (one end plugs into the female adapter, the other into the female jacks on the TV). They also make the adapter and longer cable as one piece, with male RCA plugs on one end so you can plug it directly into your TV; you'll have to see which works out cheaper and fits your needs better.

    You can also check into an optical connection which fits the 3.5mm jack, but make sure your TV has an optical input (most larger/higher end do). More people have problems with this connection than basic RCA, which is why I recommend the RCA, plus RCA cables will withstand much more handling/bending (especially sharp bends) than optical, which is a type of glass, and can be broken if mishandled/bent too sharply.

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    If your MBP has black keys, you need the mini-DVi to DVI adapter. The black key models are newer than those this form covers and that may be throwing off the responders. The silver-key MBP (Early 2008 and older) have a regular DVI out port.

    The forums for Unibody MBPs (with black keys) are here: