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Today I updated my iPad to iOS 4.2.1. And now my app that I've been working on won't install. I get a message in the Organiser window saying "The version of iOS on ipad does not match any of the versions of iOS supported for development with this installation of the iOS SDK."

It says to restore the device to a previous version but doesn't give any advice on how to do it. If I have the Xcode 3.2.4 version on my Mac is the iOS 4 or 4.1 hiding some on the hard drive? I can't seem to find if it is there...


Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    Sorry, Apple makes it so you can't roll back the device software. You would have to jail break it, and that voids your warranty and ends all system support. Wait for the app to update it's software.
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    You missed what I said. It's my app, built in the previous Xcode version. Now that the iPad has updated it doesn't want to run the app for testing purposes. The instructions in Xcode clearly state I can go back to a previous iOS SDK version but don't provide any help as to how.
    I'm fully aware that end users can't roll back but it appears as if it is possible for development and testing purposes.

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    I'd go to the developer's forum and ask there - this forum is more for end users.
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    You are correct, if you bring a jailbroken iPhone into the Apple store they will not honor your warranty. However, if things ever get so bad you need Apple's assistance, just do a full restore and your phone is no longer jailbroken. Even if they CAN tell it was at one time jailbroken, they have never taken the time to look on the two occasions I had to bring it in due to hardware issues. An unjailbroken iPhone isn't even worth owning. It's also too bad this post will most likley be moderated and no one will ever see it.

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    Just curious, but why are you providing a response to a thread that was written in 2010?

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    Why are you?

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    It was a good tip though!