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my phone provider made my iphone have a 'blackberry package' to enable me to transfer my contacts to my blackberry but i still dont know how to do that. I seem to be able to get all the contacts on my computer but then i dont know how to get them onto my blackberry from there. i have about 800 contacts or something so doing it by hand is not an option! . my mac isnt at the right updated version to host the blackberry sync program, and anyway i'm looking to transfer FROM the iphone TO the blackberry....any help will be greatly appreciated, thx

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imac power pc g4, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    The iPhone can sync with various standard address books on a computer. From there, it is up to what does the Blackberry offer to import contacts. This is more of a question in a Blackberry forum instead of an iPhone forum.
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    I don't know what the blackberry package is; however, you do not need it anyway. If you have all your contacts on the computer, you have completed half of the step. Download the "Blackberry Desktop Manager" from the blackberry internet site. Run the software, and you will see an option to sync your computer with the blackberry device. After sync, all your contacts should be copied to the blackberry.
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    If you want to remove the computer from the picture, you can sync your iPhone contacts with other sources like GMail and Yahoo. It has been a while since I've used a Blackberry, but I believe that they also support syncing contacts with those web based services, so this may work for what you want.
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    We'll do this in two main steps:
    1. Transfer contacts from the Blackberry address book to Outlook on your computer (or Windows Mail).
    2. Sync your iPhone with your computer using iTunes, which will transfer the contacts from Outlook to your iPhone.

    Make sure that both the Blackberry Desktop Manager and iTunes are installed on your system, and that your Blackberry is connected to your computer with a usb data cable.

    *Part1. Transfer contacts from a Blackberry to Outlook*

    Run the Blackberry Desktop Manager program and click "Synchronize" from the main menu screen. Select "Synchronization" below the Configuration menu option to get to the Synchronization Configuration screen.

    There you'll click the "Synchronization" button to configure the synchronization settings. You'll be asked to choose the device applications to synchronize. Choose "Address Book", and then choose "Outlook". If you don't have Outlook on your system, then you can choose "Windows Mail" instead.

    Next you'll configure how you want to sync your contacts, either bi-directionally or just from your blackberry to Outlook (which is the option I chose):

    Click "Next" and then "Finish" to complete the synchronization settings. This will take you back to the synchronization screen. Make sure you check the option to "Synchronize organizer data". This is the setting that tells the program to sync your contacts.

    Click the "Synchronize" button to copy the contacts from your Blackberry to your Outlook contacts. You can open Outlook after the sync has completed, and you should see your Blackberry addresses in your Outlook contacts folder.

    *Part2. Transfer contacts from Outlook to an iPhone*

    You can import Outlook contacts to your iPhone by syncing your iPhone with iTunes. Plug your iPhone into your computer and wait for iTunes to automatically launch (or run iTunes from the Start menu if necessary). Select your iPhone in iTunes, select the Info tab, and then click the checkboxes to sync your contacts. Choose Outlook as the application to sync with. Click Apply, then click Sync.

    *It's "Transfer Your Contacts From Blackberry To iPhone 4"*,I hope it can help you.