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MacBook is 44 months old ( about 3.8 years).
The charger no longer charges the MacBook. When I plug it in, it just doesn't respond in any way. However, sometimes I am able to get the magsafe's LED to flash green for a few seconds, then orange for a while(over ten minutes) by unplugging and re plugging the charger in and from the outlet(which I know works fine) and wiggling the MagSafe part of the charger that comes into contact with the laptop around until I find that one perfect spot where the led flashes. I dont believe this is actually chargig the MacBook though, because, as I said in the title, the MacBook is dead, with zero percent battery, so it cant turn on. Even after ten minutes of the orange led light, it still won't turn on, which leads me to believe that regardless of the led, it isn't charging the battery.
Any suggestions?
Also, I have wiped the MagSafe and the laptop charger-port with a tissue and that didn't do anything. The little pins in the MagSafe charger aren't stuck either.
When the laptop had still had battery, I reset the smc, and that didn't fix the problem.
There are no other MacBooks in the house, and this is the only charger I have.

iPhone OS 3.1.2